Money Project update

So the first month of the Money Project has gone by, and while I’m still transitioning into being a millionaire, I’ve had a lot of inner growth and healing.

Change does not come without upheaval, so let’s say this month was upheaval month. It almost put me into a panic and in some moments I quietly lost it. But, I was able to regain control quite quickly with celebatory thoughts, knowing that the life I want is coming.

I’ve just got to shake off the old limiting beliefs first.

It also meant I had to make some different decisions so I could step into the new world I wanted. This meant saying no more, which was incredibly freeing amongst it being so terrifying. I realized much of what I was saying yes to was because of fear and not because it made my soul sing.

This is all about soul nourishment. Now I have to learn to sit comfortably in the limbo space as I prepare for what I do want to arrive.

What I worked on

This month was really about bringing awareness to my beliefs, judgements and thoughts about money . We cannot change what we aren’t aware of it. It was pretty scary to see what has been running on autopilot behind the scenes- those demons are in the light now. (I’m sure there’s more to come!)

Coinciding with that has been to install new empowering, positive money beliefs (see them here).

It’s also been about total immersion into a positive money world- books, apps, podcasts, and connecting with people who have it figured out.

It’s about clearing the blocks

I know that money blocks have been sabotaging my ability to create the income I deserve. I can manifest what I want pretty easily, but the money has been a recurring issue.

I’ve been doing law of attraction work for years, so it made sense to me that the issues were running at a  subconcious level I can’t access. So call in the helpers.

Pure Energy Therapies

Melissa Zammit, a gorgeous energy healer from the Aussie B-School community, heard about my project and offered to give me an energy healing session. She went into my chakras and cleared up some of those nasty blockages gunking up my life.

I’ll write a post detailing the experience, but wow, I’ve felt a lot clearer and had more money peace since. You can connect with her on her Facebook page here. Her website will be up and running in March, so now’s a good time to connect before her business launches proper.

Hypnosis Money Attraction App

Why not change your beliefs through hypnosis? Way less effort and struggle. I whack this money attraction hypnosis app on every night as I go to sleep. I never stay awake but you don’t need to!! I LOVE it. I just did 21 days of Attracting Money, and I’ve now started 21 days of Your Inner Millionaire- yeah, I’m reaching high. Why not?

What I learned

I have a really low opinion of myself!! LOL I blame myself for too much and expect perfection. I don’t acknowledge all that I’ve already achieved.

I’m always predicting that the worse outcome will arrive. I have no faith or trust that what I want will arrive and that I deserve it. I panic quite easily if money doesn’t flow to me for a few days- I think that’s a huge challenge of having your own business. You have to get comfortable with the fact that the incoming flow of money is never consistent. One month may rock it, the next may be okay, and then one month not so good.

I’m super aware of how much I used to sabotage myself. My belief has always been it won’t happen to me, so in a way to cushion the disappointment and pain, I sabotage myself. Crazy crazy world.

This month I’m working on

Bringing awareness to my financial situation. Managing my money well, and responding to the money aspects of my job straight away. Paying invoices as they come in, replying to advertisers etc immediately, and following up.

Yesterday my accountant gave me our figures for the month of Dec. It’s the best month we’ve done in our business so far- what I dreamed about years ago.

How did I miss this?

Because my awareness tells me, I avoid looking because of fear! I don’t want to miss these stand outs anymore. I’m sure my energy clearing has helped bring this into my awareness now.

What did I rely on to help me

How I’m keeping up my feel good happiness

It’s all about how you feel, so I’m working on improving my happiness vibration. I find this extremely challenging as a parent. There’s so much frustration with parenting, it’s hard to keep on top of the good vibes. Especially as a full-time traveller, parent and business owner. GEEEEZZZ

But, here are some things helping:

  • Reading empowering books. I’m completely immersing myself in the law of financial attraction
  • Tai chi
  • Bike riding
  • Walking
  • Checking off bucket list dreams- Aussie open
  • Catching up with friends
  • Silly games with the girls
  • Being present
  • Listening to music
  • Playing and dreaming with Craig
  • Gratitude and focusing on the magic


  • I’m much happier.
  • I’m giving more
  • I can feel a deep transformation within
  • Traffic and exposure to our blogs has exploded.
  • My coping skills have improved
  • My income is transitioning to be more aligned with what my soul wants
  • I’m standing up for myself more and getting results

Let’s ramp this up for Febuary. Are you joining?

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are your money challenges? What do you need to work most on?

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    • Caz Makepeace

      Its such a challenge Chrissy, but this project is helping immensely! Just believe you deserve it, it’s so key


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