My core beliefs about money

After I decided to do my Money Project, I read The Happiness Project.

The Universe it had waiting for me on a friend’s bookshelf. I felt a little funny reading it knowing I was calling my little experiment, The Money Project, thinking people might think I stole the idea from her.

It was just a perfect Universal alignment.

I enjoyed watching her experiment unfold and it gave me ideas on what I could do with my special money project.

One being using basic money beliefs to guide me in bringing more of it. In the Happiness Project, she calls them her splendid truths. These are the core beliefs that guide her in becoming a happier person.

I stopped to consider what mine would be about money. These core beliefs are what guide me with my actions and help keep me on the right path to creating more money for soul nourishment.

I use them when it comes time to making money decisions or for assistance if lack and fear rears its ugly head.

My core beliefs to attract more money into my life

  • Practice makes everything better
  • I deserve it
  • Money is just another energy form, neither good nor bad, it just is.
  • Money Loves me
  • Honour my truth
  • Does this make me feel good on a soul level?
  • The more I have the more I can give
  • Learn from those who have what you want
  • Consult the angels
  • Self-awareness is key
  • Is this stepping into the life you want or away from it?
  • Just trust
  • I am abundance

Core money beliefs

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So now when I have my doubts, fears, and bad feelings I draw upon one of these to pull me forth. I also utilize these to help me feel positive about purchases and for tools I can use for further clarity.

Don’t worry if you don’t completely believe in them yet, keep practising these thought patterns and soon they’ll become part of who you are.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are your core money beliefs?

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  • Vanessa

    I love “the more I have, the more I can give” – whenever I’ve entered the lotto (maybe once a year) I have a small daydream about winning. And apart from making sure my family members all have a house to live in & medical care they need, I dream off into what I could give to the charities I like.
    Such as my local, no kill animal shelter – no government funding, completely reliant on the locals to support them. I could build them extra pet runs or replace their old washing machines for them.
    Or being able to issue a scholarship so that someone can go to uni who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.
    Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to do those things?


    • Caz Makepeace

      I so agree Vanessa. I am always planning surprises for family and friends when I win the lotto as well! And my own charities and ways to give to others. I’m starting to do it more in small ways now since I’ve started this Money Project. It’s all about acting like you have what you want. So even though it’s small giving there’s a lot of passion and good feelings behind it.


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