Keep focused on success and abundance with affirmation cards

I knew as soon as I read the description on the back, I had to buy them. It was in keeping with my values system and money project and I was excited about the nourishment it would soon offer my soul.

I was intent on finding a pack of cards with messages on them. The Universe always sends messages right for you. You just gotta be listening.

The Success Cards, by Deepak Chopra jumped out from the bookshelf at me. On the back it said,

Deepak Chopra on success

These cards inspire you to tap further into the metaphysical wonder of creating success and money.

Perfect. I also took it as  sign from the Universe that I was on the right track with my upcoming ebook: Step into your sacredness, as it’s about being yourself to support the web of life.

Easy, happy purchase.

They are also vibrantly designed, bringing lots of positive chakra energy.

Each week, I pull a card from the pack to see what the Universe would like me to focus on each week. The messages so far have been so spot on.

I sit it next to my computer to remind me of my focus each week, And I work on implementing it.

Last week it was, My visions create my reality

Money affirmations

so that helped me to stay focused on what I was envisioning.

This week, I am focused on being flexible.

Success affirmations

I really feel at this moment, I am in limbo land, and flexibility is very much needed as lots of things are shifting around to bring me that world I have been visioning.

Affirmation cards are a great way to keep you focused on the creating the life you really want and attracting more abundance. Instead of scrambling around to choose an affirmation you think will work, these cards guide you the perfect one for you to focus on. Divine intervention always works best.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you use affirmation cards? What's your favourite pack?

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  • Jeff

    I’m not surprised you were drawn to these cards – the look and feel of them is very similar to your blog design. They seem like they are a great fit for you! And, it’s always nice to introduce some positive messages into daily life. It’s easy to forget to focus without something like these for grounding.


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