Filling a void or soul nourishment?

Many times we want to spend because we are trying to fill a large space of deep longing, fulfilment and unworthiness.

If I just by that dress, it will make me feel good.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling good, but usually the thrill of that type of spend dissipates with the hanging of the dress in the closet. The void stares back once again. Next time it’s the chocolate bar, a cigarette, or a glass of wine- vapourising void fillers.

Buyer’s remorse settles in, you feel even more inadequate and so continue to attract ways to stay broke and feel unfulfilled.

Part of my money project was born because of a need for me to create more money for soul nourishment. I had an intense desire to start filling up my soul with nourishing things like spiritual books, crystals, life-changing memories, organic produce for my body, locally made products, hiring people for my business.

Things I know will help me to grow, become a better person and contribute more.

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This is one of my basic beliefs about money (now!! Never used to be. You can read more of them here)

There are moments of course where I am just trying to fill a void. Because of my self-awareness work, I am quick to catch those and I know what to do fill the void with better things. The pretty dresses and materialistic things are still fantastic to buy and can make us feel good, but it’s best to buy those things when the void is already full. Then we buy them for pure aesthetic value (which our soul also needs more of).

Make a list of the soul nourishment things money can buy you. How do we know if it is soul nourishment?

The feel good feelings it creates are long-lasting and contribute to a greater good.

E.g Hiring people on my team- this helps to free up my time to focus my strengths on doing what I love- this is long term happiness as it helps me feel like I am contributing, and takes away the misery that comes with doing what I dislike and am not good at. It will also free up my time to spend more with my family and pursue other interests like healthy eating and exercise + it offers me the opportunity to help the person working for me to achieve their money goal. Therefore the money I want for this makes me feel good.

If I focus on those enriching feelings, the money will flow to me.

Money is a beautiful tool that helps fill our cup so we can overflow it to others. But, you’ve got to fill it with soul nourishing things.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's on your soul-nourishment list?

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  • Vanessa

    After having some unexpected vet bills recently I’ve been really cutting down on incidental spending. And you know what? I haven’t missed anything I would have normally bought in the course of the day.


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s amazing what we tend to waste our money on. It feels wonderful when you release your attachment to things that don’t really matter.


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