The importance of self awareness

I can’t stress enough, the importance of self-awareness to create what you want. Even 5 minutes a day of meditation will help you become aware of your sabotaging thoughts and feelings and how to manage those.

If you don’t, I promise you won’t bring what you want, because your feelings underlying everything will create what you actually don’t want.

During this Money Project, I am highly tuned into my observant self, that is the unchanging part of myself that watches my own thoughts and actions and observes life as it happens without judgement. It’s on high alert to notice any ill feelings or words coming forth with each new experiment.

The Watcher is helping me to know what to do.

As I was writing several posts for the Money Project the other day, I noticed my thinking self going off on a tangent. It created a huge knot in my belly and a pressing sensation on my chest.

“People will think you’re so shallow. Why do you keep focusing on money? You’ve lost your way. You’re so pretentious. No one is going to want to read what you’re saying now because your just focused on money and that’s shallow. It’s not about living a meaningful life.”

Whoa, hold up there.

Look at these beliefs you have about money hiding in the shadows. If I was not engaged in mindfulness I wouldn’t have paid attention to these and they would wreak havoc on my life. Let’s think about them.

Are any of these beliefs helping you to feel good? Are any of them helping you to move in the direction of the life you really want? Are any of them really feeding your soul?


So what do we do.

First sit with the feelings and the thoughts.

I continued typing and feeling good about my purpose for doing what I am doing, all the while noticing the tightened belly and chest. I watched it without judgement, only curiosity and fascination. This took me out of the thinking mind and into the observant one, drawing all the negative power out of the emotions. Slowly it began to drain away and I was left with the chance for  truth session.

Let’s get back to my values.

Why am I doing this? How is it nourishing my soul?

Money is not evil. It’s just an energy, the thing we use to help us create the life we really want. What can we do with that life we want? Have far greater moments of joy and love.

The more money I have the more I can give.

I’m doing this money project so I can attract more money into my life for these reasons, not to stuff my wardrobe full of designer clothes or by a Ferrari. Although, if someone else wished to do this that is fine as that could be in alignment with their values and what makes them happy. So let’s remove the judgement on that one.

But, I’m also doing this project so I can help others. The more I have the more I can give. I want other people to live the life their soul yearns for and I know money will help them either by freeing up their time, bringing more opportunities, or giving them the tools they need to do it.

What I am learning works. So, I’m offering wisdom to others as a result. If readers think I am shallow and lost my way so be it. That is their limiting money belief to work through. I know how I am nourishing my soul and how it can help others too.

The more I have the more I can give. The more those who don’t believe in me and what I am doing, the more that will leave and open up a space for those who do. The better I can serve.

It’s about clearing away the thoughts and feelings, and people that don’t serve you and making way for the things that do.

Stepping into empowerment.

Self-awareness is the key to creating the life your soul dreams of. It will help you catch the nasties and give you the tools and thought patterns you need to feel good and create the life you really want.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How aware are you of your limiting money beliefs?

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  • Laney Galligan

    I really like your thinking on this one Caz. Money as energy and enabling you to give. My beliefs are certainly changing as I feel more empowered. It’s such a tough topic though, depending on your history with money.


  • Cristian

    Hi Caz I’ve just jumped onto your blog and am enjoying the reading !
    Similar to you I decided I wanted to attract abundance in 2014 ! The road has led me to my limiting beliefs and how to clear them. Most aren’t related to money at all but of personal circumstances that have added baggage that are slowing me down. The process off letting go is like you say a big weight off my shoulders. I believe that the process of attracting abundance for monetary gain will also bring about a better me ! So although the goal began as superficial, the process is turning out to be more spiritual than I could ever have expected.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Isn’t it incredible how spiritual it is. So unlike what society tries to make you believe!


  • Tawanna

    I made a decision this year to ask and seek what I really want in life and not to continue to be selfish in my thinking about money. I do want to have more so that I can give more but also to do some of the things I really want to do, such as more traveling, enclose my deck, and purchase a new car. I just happen upon your site and I just believe it was at the right time because it is very inspiring and totally aligned with the changes I want to implement in my life. Thank you, Caz, for this project and I am so excited about receiving your emails (I just signed up).


    • Caz Makepeace

      Awesome Tawanna! Thank you for signing up. I hope I can help you. Having more money is a good thing.


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