The Money Project for soul nourishment

I’ve had an intense calling lately to start a new project on this space. It’s speaking to from deep within and whispered messages that keep crossing my path.

“You often teach what you have to learn.”

I explore the topic of magic on my blog- working with the laws of the Universe to create the life you really love.

I’m really good at manifesting what I want. I’ve create this life of travel that my soul yearned for for many years. It’s incredible and fills me with utter awe and the magic that works in our lives every day.

My problem has been that I can manifest the things I want, but I’m not that great at actually manifesting money.

I’m not doing too bad, and much better than what I was several years ago, when I was doing a damn fine job of losing money.

There are a few tricks I know, but I’ve never felt confident in sharing them on the blog because I’m not rolling in it.

Which begs the question, do you need to be?

I’ve spent the last few weeks pondering the questions. I’ve had mentors appear that have sparked different thoughts within me and managed to dislodge a bit of my stuckness.

It’s propelled me on this path of attracting more money. I realized something very important; I’ve never focused on bringing in more money because I’ve been afraid of it.

I’ve shut it out because I equated it with so much pain.

It’s highlighted just how wonderfully good the Universe is that, despite this blockage I have to money, its brought me the stuff in many different forms so I can have what I want anyway.

why do I then want more money?

I think everyone does really. I don’t want more money so I can buy useless stuff to keep me up with the Jones and build my false sense of self worth.

I want more money so I have the choice to do and buy things that nourish my soul and to have things that help make my life simpler and more organized.

What’s been apparent to me over these past few weeks is that I am constantly denying my soul what it craves to live a better life because I say I don’t have the money. I put up with the struggle instead.

We weren’t born for struggle or denial.

We’re born to satisfy our soul’s yearning and live the full expression of it.

The more money I’m dreaming of is to enable me to:

  • Hire people in my business so I can focus on doing what I love and what serves. Plus, its a great way to give back
  • Embrace exercise again-daily yoga and trips to the gym
  • Buy crystals, books and tools that nourish my spirit
  • Invest in courses that improve my business
  • Indulge in monthly treats like massages and chakra cleansing
  • Give my children the option to follow their passions
  • Help my family live a life of freedom that they can enjoy more
  • Buy organic, local produce
  • Outsource jobs I hate like cleaning
  • Have quality products that enhance my life and make it simpler
  • Eliminate processed, packaged unhealthy food
  • Create sponsorship programs for those wishing to start their own business
  • Start my own charity- I’m passionate about creating something to do with natural disaster relief. My heart always bleeds for those who are affected by the earth’s natural movements.

In just a matter if a few weeks I can feel a gigantic energy shift within me as I jump off the couch and lean into this life that I deserve and embrace money as a friend.

I have a long way to go, but I am already seeing some huge changes from my focus shift and a few simple things I am doing. I’m kinda excited, which is something I have not felt in a long time.

Why I am sharing the Money Project

This intense calling to do this is also backed by a gigantic push from the Universe to share. For some reason, it wants me to become a student and teacher at the same time. I think it wants me to share about wealth as a means of soul nourishment so then you are better able to fulfill the purpose of your journey.

The biggest reason I  hear from people as to why they can’t travel, or do anything they want, is because they don’t have money. We created our ebook: How to create the travel life you love without spending a fortune, because we knew we could show people you can travel without being rich.

Money is the biggest limiting factor to people reaching towards their dreams and living the life they love. It is also the biggest cause of marital and relationship breakdowns. I know Craig and I have teetered on the edge of it many times, because of the stress money has given us.

It’s time to change that for myself and for others. I want to help as many people change their attitude to money and learn how to use their own power combined with that of the Universe to bring in more into their life. To bring in more with the sole purpose of nourishing your soul so you can live a life that sets you on fire.

The more you have the more you can give.

It’s time to be the student and teacher. There’s no need to wait until I have all the answers, I want to share with you the process of finding them- what works and what doesn’t.

All you need to do is follow along, experiment with me and share your experiences. Share in the comments for each update, and on social media using the hashtag #themoneyproject

I’m recording what I’m doing and learning and the changes I’m seeing.

I’ll be sharing a weekly strategy, helpful resources and inspirations, and an update as to how I’m creating more money.

You can read all the posts on The Money Project here

I’m a firm believer in if someone else can do it I can too. I hope you follow along and realize if I can find ways to attract more money into my life to nourish my soul’s journey, you can do.

Sign up here so you don’t miss an update and invite a friend to join in with you. Someone you know has struggles witha money and could use some extra guidance with strategies to apply to attract more wealth

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  • Schona

    I look forward to learning along with you!


  • Tatum

    I’m really interested to share this journey with you Caz. Love what you have written here. 2014 hubby & my year to really sort out our finances and start to gain more financial independence and freedom. He’s not a risk taker but I am slowly working on him and I know that you and Craig are a great point of inspiration! Tatum xx


  • Sheralyn

    I love your can-do attitude! Looking forward to hearing about your strategies!


  • Maida

    I am looking to attract money too into my life for 2014. I have a few possibilities in the works from someone I attracted into my life just recently. I also signed up for your emails to say yes to the magic!


  • Andrea

    Happy New Year, Caz! I’m just checking in on your blog after awhile and it’s so cool to know that you’re on a similar path to me this year. I have sworn that this year is going to be my year of fortune (or at least the start of it!) I think last time I caught up with you we were talking about health and diet. I might drop you an email soon about an opportunity in Australia that I think would work great with your money/travel/life/health plans.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Go the year of fortune! I think its on the cards for everyone


  • Krystal

    Looking forward to watching the journey unfold. Thank you


  • Alana - Paper Planes

    I’ve been feeling a major struggle with $ lately as well…look forward to reading more!


  • Nikki @ The Wholefood Mama

    This post really resonated with me as this is my year that I have chosen to really look into my relationship and attitude to money and to grow this relationship in a positive and healthy way for many of the reasons you have listed. If you haven’t read it already I recommend Kate Northrup’s book ‘Money A Love Story’ I am reading it now and it is helping to shift my perspective greatly.


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