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One idea I’ve been sifting through during my money project is the truth that money needs to be incorporated into our value systems. The Money Project was created to bring more money into my life for the purpose of soul nourishment.

What does soul nourishment mean exactly?

It’s about pouring into the soul the things that will make it expand into light and happiness.

How do we know what our soul nourishment is?

It will be different for each person, as each person’s value systems are different. Most of us aren’t tuned to what these are, which is why your life seems to have a mind of its own and spins around wildly shooting water like the octopus sprinkler you had in your backyard when you were 10.

Your life doesn’t have to spin wildly out of control.

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Tap into those values you have a very clear path to tread.

Your values will move about on a scale of most important to somewhat. It involves introspection and a little work on your behalf to really narrow it down. But once you do, you life will change in many ways. Some good resources to help you: Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within and The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris.

To discover your values answer one simple question

“What’s most important to me in life?” What feelings do I cherish the most?

Be careful you don’t choose means values like money, family. These are really not what you are pursuing. The feelings that money and family will bring, like security and love, are the values you need to live in accordance with.

Here’s a list of some values to help you.

Love, success, freedom, intimacy, security, adventure, power, passion, comfort, health, contribution, growth, happiness, creativity, personal growth, peace, vitality, security

How do your values relate to money?

If you want to attract more money into your life, you need to feel good about it. You feel good about things that are in alignment with your values. Its how we bring fulfilment into our lives, and fulfilment makes up a strong sense of peace and happiness.

Align your desire for more money so that it increases the strength of your values.

My highest values are freedom, fun, health, love, personal growth and contribution.

Ones that are lower down for me are security, comfort, power.

Being aware of your lower values can also help you create a better relationship with money (or whatever you are working on to improve).

I don’t value security highly, which can pose a potential problem when it comes to managing money and frivolous spending. You should see how this is reflected in my superannuation balance. Does this matter if I am spending the majority of my days happy because I live from the values that best serve me?

The way I choose to spend my money now directly relates to my value systems above. It helps me to feel good about my purchases as they are lighting up my soul, rather than plunging me into the darkness of guilt and anxiety spending.

When it comes time to spend, you ask,

“Is this helping me to enhance my freedom? Will this deepen my spirituality and connection to source? Does this help me strengthen my family bonds? How is this improving my health? Is this going to bring me fun times?

If I can answer yes to those I feel excited and positive about the way I am using my money. Those feelings are what will bring more into my life and change my beliefs about money and its importance.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are your highest values? And the ones that can potentially cause you money problems?

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