Sacredness Step 2: Live what is in your soul

What fiercely whispered words has your soul been speaking to you since you first can remember.. way back when? The yearning of a life that is fit only for you.

You know what it is, you’ve just been trying to ignore it for whatever reason.

My soul yearned to travel forever. I thought it was a soul yearning for everyone, so I kinda ignored it as a real possibility. If everyone wanted this dream, then it’s not something really that could be created specifically for me.

It’s much similar to everyone wanting to win a million bucks.

You know, it would be nice, but I doubt it can happen. You’d have to be really lucky.

But, the yearning for this dream kept nudging me with intensity and I couldn’t find happiness doing anything else. I also had dreams of writing and helping others to follow their travel itch, but, I was the most shitty arse writer and no one would ever want to read my work. Remember how plagued I was with low self-esteem?

In 2007, I sat down and created a framework for a travel book that would help people learn how to travel. I mapped out a community of travel addicts I would create. I was excited and it felt fun. But the self-doubting monster quickly reared up and threw the plans in the bin.

STUPID girl for thinking you could.

I had to think of another way, where I didn’t have to involve myself too much– ya know the one when luck presents itself 😉

If I wasn’t good enough to create the dream, maybe I could just chase the money for the dream. I hatched my perfect plans, made bad investments and lost the lot.

Sacredness step

We moved back to the States and I continued to ignore the yearn until one day my computer lost its ability to connect to the internet. Bored without inane facebook updates to follow, I decided to write that travel book, not intending to do anything with it.

The fire was lit and engulfed me with a raging flame. I was travelling again – reliving all my memories, and rediscovering what travel meant to me. I couldn’t see any of this before because I thought my travels were over and I was depressed.

When you shut off the very thing your soul wants you to do, depression will set in and you’ll create a black hole…. until you find the shovel.

My writings about travel lifted me up and I began to dive more deeply into how I could make this a reality. I brought a new computer and started searching.

Travel Blogs appeared. Oh Wow! They were writing about the life I had lived for over 10 years.

If they could do that, then I could too.

(This is one of the empowering mantras I follow to help keep me on track to success. I share 10 of them in my ebook)

I had similar stories and lessons and so much helpful advice for those starting on their travel journey.

My soul’s yearning intensified for this life of travel. We weren’t in a financial situation to travel, but I was through the immersion into this online travel bubble. It didn’t matter that life was crashing down around me, because here in this travel blogging world I was travelling again, and helping others to follow the same bliss.

Craig and I began to create that comfy hostel couch where you sit and yarn with strangers from around the world. Through Facebook, we laughed and shared stories and felt alive with topics about travel and life and the celebration of our differences.

I was living what was in my soul without actually hopping on a plane. And how creation goes, once you live it deeply with passion and love on the inside, it is created on the outside.

I started living my soul’s yearning in April 2010. We moved back to Australia in August 2010 and started to travel on short trips.

By Sept 2011, travel experiences were rolling in and I was working full-time on the business. Craig joined me in Sept 2012.

We had created that life of travel our soul yearned for purely just by living it. I learned the skills and created the income I needed for the dream because I became the dream.

Just living the yearning.

We’re now on an indefinite road trip around Australia, which will be followed by one around the US. This is our lifestyle. It blows my mind that we were able to create this, despite being in a world of hurt and financial ruin.

Yossi Ginsberg says, Dreams are not for sleeping, they are for keeping you awake at night.

I just let my dreams keep me awake at night.

All you need to do is step into your lofty dreams and let the magic of the Universe help you merge it with reality. You don’t need money or huge amounts of time to immerse yourself into this world you love. You’ve just got to express it whenever you get the chance. Bit by bit until it soon starts leading you.

What is your soul calling you to do? What’s your yearning?

Is it to be an artist? Write music? Ride horses? Scale mountains?

How can you step into it today?

Do what you can to immerse yourself in that joy and watch the magic begin to unfold.

P.S Did you miss Step 1? You can find it here. It’s all about standing up.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Tell me one step you are going to make this week to step into that life your soul yearns for.

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