5 ways to overcome negative money thoughts

Over the years I’ve become a lover of meditation; it’s helped me to know my observant self very well.

She brings to attention all the thoughts and feelings that are not serving me, and helps me learn how to manage them. My observant self, or as I often call her,

The Watcher, has brought me peace, happiness and fulfilling experiences.

Be like the a scientist

The Watcher will bring to your attention your negative money thoughts and feelings, not so you can judge and feel bad, but to be aware and curious. Act like a scientist, who has no emotional attachment, they just want to observe and see what happens.

The Watcher can bring your attention to any negative thoughts you have about any aspect of your life. Set your intention on the area you’d like to bring your awareness too.

For this Money Project, my intention is to improve my financial situation and develop a healthy relationship with money.

Use The Watcher to manage your negative money thoughts. If you don’t they’ll run rampant, cause you to feel bad, and so bring into your being dire money experiences.

overcome negative money thoughts

(It’s pinnable ↑)

1. I’m having the thought that

When you become aware of negative thoughts, step back and say,

“I’m having the thought that……. money is evil… money is hard to get… money is painful

This disentangles your self from the thought. So instead of becoming the thought Money is Evil, which you then take into your being and attract, you are simply observing the thought without judgement and letting it pass on by.

2. Thank you for your contribution

“You’re so shit at handling money.” “You’ll never receive more money, you aren’t special enough.”

You know these rampant thoughts that send you into a plunging black hole of depression. Catch it and shut it down with a simple,

“Thanks for your contribution mind. Next.” or “Thanks for that. Moving right along now.”

That way your thinking self feels acknowledged, but you don’t latch onto any destructive thought patterns. You just let them move on.

3. There goes that thought again

I use this technique all the time when observing my thoughts during mediation. Why not do it when they go rampant during every other moment?

When you notice the negative thought say, “Well look at that, there goes that thought again. Isn’t that interesting?

Now watch it and see what it does.

4. turn it into a song

Take the repeated thought patterns and turn them into a song. Sing, “I’m just not worthy enough” to the tune of Dancing Queen. Sing, “I’m always so broke” to the tune of “Don’t stop believing.”

It will instantly water down the abusive effects of the thoughts and bring lightness back into your being. It’s the lightness that will help you attract what you really want.

5. Naming the story

I like this technique that I just learned from The Happiness Trap.

What are the stories you continue to run through your life? My stories are the “I am worthless story” The “I don’t deserve it story.” The “I am a bad mother story.”

When things go wrong, I automatically beat myself up with these ridiculous plots. To make your stories expand into lightness, acknowledge them when they appear.

“Oh there goes that I’m a useless mother story again.”

It snaps you out of your thinking self and back to the purity of your observant mind. This is the space of all magic creation and love. You purpose is to keep moving back into this space. It’s where you’ll find all the inspiration you need to create the life your soul yearns for.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How do you overcome negative thoughts about money?

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  • Vanessa

    Just being aware of what I think has changed so much in the past few years. I can pick up myself on destructive patterns much faster and do my best to change them.


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s key and a little frightening once you realize what was subconsciously rerunning.


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