Stepping into the world you want

To create the world you want, you need to make massive changes, mostly to how you think and the resulting choices decisions you make.

I was faced with this the other day. Craig and I were trying to organize accommodation for Melbourne for the month of January.

The Australian Open is on and it’s summer- prices are higher and availability is scarce. We are so fortunate with what we do that we can receive accommodation in exchange for work. Now before you go starting your own travel blog because you want to travel the world for free, let me again emphasize the word WORK. The amount we do is never in proportion to the amount of “free” perks we get. We’re the ones giving away more. Which is why we are stopping that this year. )

But alas, we did have  travel gift card from Flight Centre.

We found suitable apartments, in the city centre, with beautiful views and comforts, but the problem was they were expensive. My old backpacker self came striding forth into the decision. We can’t spend that much on accommodation. We can use those vouchers elsewhere and make them last longer.

I quickly did the maths. “Craig, why don’t we stay in the hostel in Melbourne for a third of the price, and then we’ll use those vouchers for the Mornington Peninsula. That will be the best way to make that money last longer.”

Ping awareness.

Remember the Money Project. Remember your values system. Remember your soul nourishment. Notice how you are feeling.

I was feeling frightened. I was not trusting that the Universe would bring me what I need for the Mornington Peninsula and further afield.

I never take the time to appreciate what I have now and allow that to enhance my life. Like a leftover from the Great Depression, I’m always holding on. Saving it for later, just in case. Never trusting, nor noticing that the Universe always supports me.

Why not just enjoy the wonderful accommodation it is gifting you now and allow the abundance into your life right now?

Still my backpacker mind struggled back. “No I can’t justify the expense. yada yada.” All very worthwhile excuses, but ones based in fear nevertheless. It all comes down to what do you want to feel.

Wait a minute, my soul spoke.

“What is best for me here?”

Why were we staying in Melbourne for the month? To catch up on work and live a semi-normal life. Would the hostel grant me that? No. We’d have a shared bathroom and kitchen, and only a room with beds in it. This would not give us the space to get our work done.

So, how would that make you feel?

I’d get the shits. I’d complain the whole time.

“Would that bring you more of what you want?”


So how can you best serve your soul and bring in more of what you want at the same time?

Remember, you attract what you feel.

I knew my answer. If I was serious about this project and bringing more money into my life then I had to step into that new world. The Universe was presenting me with the opportunity to prove what I really wanted and my new way of being.

I knew at that moment, that I was going to make a decision that would forever alter my destiny. Stay in the fearful world of lack and worry, or step into the world I wanted: abundance, trust and servitude.

The more I have the more I can give.

Staying in the apartment may cost more in terms of money, but in terms of what I’d be getting on a soul level, it was more. More space, more comfort, more happiness and with this better family memories, living the true dream and diving deeper into more meaningful creation.

more meaningful exchange

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To get that more meaningful life we have to shed our limiting thoughts on how we will be provided for and our fears on money. Step into what you want.

Always give your fears a back up plan because they will continue to linger. Mine did even after I said to Craig, “You know what, let’s just use those vouches in Melbourne and get the nice apartments.”

I told my fear. “Don’t worry about the rest of the trip. We’ll figure that out,we always do. I don’t know where the money is coming from to help us with that, but I trust it is cause it always has in some form or another. We always have our tents. And I love camping. We’ll then be moving into out of peak season,so could possibly have more luck picking up a house sit. Besides there is that camper trailer the Universe is currently arranging for us to have.”

Plus, you are going to be staying in a beautiful, modern apartment, with lots of space and magnificent city views. How good is that going to feel? I’m going to feel like a millionaire, and that is what I’ll attract. I’m going to feel like someone who is serious about their business and what they can offer as I’ll have the inspiration space.

It’s amazing how clear and happy I felt after that decision. Had we went the hostel, I would have been stressed, anxious, disappointed and stuck in those feelings of lack. Now the world has opened up with joy.

It’s a cost, yes. But the rewards of that cost are far greater.

I’s a committed step into the world you really want.

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How are you stepping into the world you want?

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