10 Things I Love this Week: Birthday Dinner, Soul Thongs, Pearl Jam

Last week was too manic for me to get this post up. So this week I may be sharing two weeks worth of loves

Sweet Savannah

Sweet Savannah

Birthday Weekend in Sydney

Last weekend was my birthday. It’s amazing how the older you get the less you care about them. Which really is quite sad, we should be celebrating every year of our lives as it is such a gift.

When lives are so busy it is hard to make your birthday something more than “just another day.”

We decided to head down to Sydney for the weekend. We explored the Potts Point and Woolloomooloo area where we have not been before and really enjoyed it.

We met our friend Lina for coffee, had dinner at the Malaya, a swanky Malaysian restaurant on King St Wharf, and met up with one of my oldest friends at a pub in Northbridge to watch the Wallabies defeat the Springboks!! And we were invited back to her friends for a barbie, and had a great time meeting some really cool new people.

wallaby win

Lina Nguyen from Words That Influence and Mothers Letters

We have been chatting a lot with Lina over recent months online. Last weekend we met up for coffee and some amazing things happened as a result. Everything in life happens for a reason, I have spoken of the magic of serendipity in a previous post.

Great things are happening with our travel blog of late, and many doors of opportunity have opened up for us. We are ready to take it to another level, the problem is that there are barriers in our way we have to push through. Sometimes in life you need to call in help for those things that you are not so strong in, but are essential if you want to move forward.

Lina has helped give us that push. She is now working for us as our blogger’s agent. This means she is handling all our advertising/PR work. We are working on a couple of big projects and her professionalism and savvy business mind is definitely helping us finalize them. She is one incredible lady! and an awesome blogger at that.

Inspiring Quote

Daydreams are inherently positive and hopeful. Participating in them has a positive and hopeful effect on the subconscious, which has a similar effect on the way you feel. Daydream to your heart’s content. It’s positively good for you!- Paul Wilson

Rockabye Baby Lullabies

My good friend Lynny, who we met up with at the Northbridge Pub, bought this really cool CD for Savannah. I love having my kiddies listen to music when they are going to sleep for all sorts of reasons.

rockabye bear

This CD is the instrumental versions of classic Pearl Jam hits, one of my favourite all time bands. It is super cool and I listen to it all the time.

Soul Thongs

One item I never leave home without on my travels around the world are thongs, or flip flops, as they are called in other lands.

I resent winter, and nightclubs as I can’t wear my thongs. Actually, one thing I love so much about South East Asia is that you can wear thongs when you go out. That is my sort of partying.

I was happy to try out a pair of Soul Thongs. They are of the massage variety, which I use to wear many years ago. But, they were the very ugly and tacky version that were a little too hard on your feet.

soul thongs


These ones are stylish and much softer, giving your feet a gentle massage as you walk. It does take a little bit of time getting used to the bumpy soul, but they feel great once you wear them in. And I love the cute little diamante on the thong strap. Just gives them that extra lift and makes me feel like a cool chick!

Digital Parents Unplugged

I loved this so much, I wrote a whole post on the blogger/ PR relationship event and will have another one to come. It was really great fun speaking on the panel, and I met some lovely people because of the evening.

Operation Get My Life Back in Order

I made a decision through my post Operation Get My life Back in Order to start working on improving my health, wealth, relationships and life’s purpose. So far everything is going well.

I am sticking to my plan of exercising every day, I am drinking more water, and have reduced my sugar intake. I need to work on cutting the coffee, getting more sleep and fitting in meditation.

My relationships and life purpose are definitely moving on the right path forward, and wealth is coming along like a slow moving tortoise who eventually wins the race.

Song: Indifference by Pearl Jam and special guest Ben Harper

After the Pearl Jam lullaby CD, I couldn’t not play one of my favourite Pearl Jam songs, Indifference. I found this version on you tube with just Eddie Vedder and one of my fave singers, Ben Harper.

I love it, especially the introduction where they are just talking. They are sooooo coool.

Blog Post: The Boob and The Slap by Edenland

I read so many amazing blogs through the week, it is hard to choose one to highlight. I rarely get the chance to comment anymore, but I am reading them, usually during the 2am feeds.

I really enjoyed the Boob and the Slap this week by Eden. It is pretty relevant to me as I find myself struggling with breastfeeding. I love it and Savannah does it easily, I am just finding it so draining this time. Part of me wants to give it up, although I won’t.

It is a great post to remind us how we can often be judgemental towards the decisions other women make as mothers, and we shouldn’t as each mother is just trying to do the best they can from where they are.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you loving this week?

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  • Jeremy Branham

    New and exciting ideas! Getting back from a trip really energized me and got the juices flowing for creativity!

    Good luck on all of your goals. Working on my health as well and need to stay on top of things a little more!


    • Caz

      Vacations always energize you! Can’t wait to see those creative ideas coming out Jeremy. We have missed you online since you have been gone!


  • Tracey

    I’m loving the fact that I’ve lost 26kg in a year and that it’s just 97 more sleeps until we head off on our own year long adventure!!!! Love those thongs by the way!!


    • Caz

      I’m loving that you lost 26kg in a year!!! That is awesome. How did you do it? I bet you feel great. Where are you off to on your adventure? I love hearing about others travels, it really inspires me.


      • Tracey

        Good old Weight Watchers has done the trick. My husband has lost 24kg too!! We are spending 3 months in South East Asia, 3 months in the US, 3 months in Europe then back to the US for our last 3 months. VERY excited!!


        • Caz

          My perfect trip!! We are planning on something very similar for next year as well!!


  • veggie mama

    I read so much during the middle of the night feeds too! Sometimes I wanted to give up too, which is strange, because I really loved it. I don’t even know why I had flashes of wanting to. I don’t feel that way now she’s started solids, probably because I’m not so tied down and not the sole provider of food. I love it more now 🙂


    • Caz

      I’m really struggling with it this time around. I had to give myself a big pep talk last night so as to not quit. She was feeding her little growth spurt heart out and I was over it. Hope the supply catches up soon so I won’t feel like such a cow. While she was feeding I couldn’t help but think of cows and if they get fed up with being milked all the time!! I think my brain might be on the downhill slide


      • veggie mama

        haha yep I’ve thought that before! I don’t drink cow’s milk myself, and I can’t help but wonder what the cow thinks about it all. It’s so hard in those early months when you feel like you’re feeding 24-7. I think sometimes our desire to give up might be hormonal or subconscious. I hope you find what you’re comfortable with, the tiny one is going to be happy either way xo


  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    You lead such a busy life and with a barely seven week old! I feel tired just reading it all with my seven month old but also just a bit inspired. I’m loving having had s mini-break from blogging last weekend and feeling I’ve got a bit more space and peace to think about where I need to head in my day to day life.


    • Caz

      Ha Ha. I am tired doing it all too! I actually laid down on the couch for 15 minutes today to take a breather- felt good. I wish I could just ignore the pile of work and appointments to do more of it. Breaks are really important to get the head space right. Travel for me provides those breaks except now it is part of my business as well. I’ll just have to have more massages on the road


  • Lina@MothersLoveLetters

    What a photo of Savannah!!!
    Awww, soooo gorgeous!
    I had SUCH a good time… Ah, it’s all over already.
    A reminder to stay present and enjoy the moment, because it always goes by in a flash.


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