Sweet Savannah

Sweet Savannah

I was debating as to whether I should call Savannah the Mojito Baby girl as I do believe one day soon she will no longer be a baby, and what will that mean for this title.

But then I thought as she is my last child, she will always be my baby, so the name fits.

Savannah Makepeace

Only so little for so long

Kalyra will always be my baby too, even though she hates me calling her that, just like I hated my Mum.


Savannah is our gorgeous 2 month old baby. She is settling well into our family life and we LOVE that she chose us to be her parents and sister.

Polynesia spa Rotorua

Thank you for choosing us

We named Savannah to reflect our travels once again, just like Kalyra

Savannah is one of our favourite cities in America and it is also the home of the wild animals in Africa, a place that stole our heart.

We take the meaning of Savannah to be similar to that as to where the animals roam wild and free. Freedom is our highest value, and we want our daughters to understand that they are always free to choose.

You can read about her birth and her first six weeks

About Savannah

She is 2 months old.

She is so gorgeous and cute

She is very curious

She is a happy baby

Savannah Smiles

Love those smiles

But she has a fierce temper, and if she is made she will rant at you for a long time.

She is slowly sorting out her sleep.

She does not like loud noises or getting her nappy changed

She hates the cold

She is pretty chilled out.

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