The First Six Weeks with Savannah

Its a blur.

The first six weeks always is, as you try to recover from childbirth and your baby tries to settle into life outside your womb.

the first six weeks

There are no schedules or routines yet, but by now you should be able to see some forming.

I had forgotten how hard it was.

Mind you, I don’t make it any easier on myself, or Savannah, with the chaotic life I live. Since she has been born we have been to Taronga Zoo, out to Malaysian dinner three times, been to Sydney on business activities twice, been to the airport, out for coffee several times, spent two weekends in Sydney, and many other activities.

I can’t help it though. The only place I can sit still is swinging in a hammock on the beaches of Thailand. I have too much to do so I just keep rolling forward.

Savannah chose us though, so she was well aware of our hectic lifestyle. She is finding her place in it and I think suited very well.

Here is how Savannah is going


Savannah feeding

Savannah was a natural and latched on not long after she was born. Thankfully, as I had forgotten what to do, so she showed me.

She is feeding really well and putting on lots of weight. And the great thing is that she has taken to the bottle, which is so helpful for my busy self when I need to express. Kalyra would’t go near a bottle!


Savannah sleeping

This would have to be the most difficult part to parenting. Sleep is something every parent and newborn craves, but finds it so hard to get. I dread having to put Savannah down to sleep and every time the one thought running through my mind is, “I can’t do this again. How do parents do it that have five kids”

One major celebration is that her night sleeps are going pretty well. She only wakes up for  a feed at 4pm now and then at around 6:30 which is good for me as that becomes my wake up call. I’m getting enough sleep and up early enough to get some work done. (since writing this we have had a sleep through the night, but now back to every two hours. grr…)

baby sleeping


Day time sleeps, however, are another issue. She just wants to be awake with her family. It is hard to get her to sleep and then she only catnaps for 2o mins to an hour. On the odd occasion, when I time everything perfectly, by some miracle, she falls to sleep on her own and goes down for two hours.

Hug a bug wrap

So snug

She loves the hug a bub and instead of spending hours trying to get her down and stressing about it, I know to put her in that and get to cuddle her for hours instead.

Her Personality

Savannh is as sweet and gentle as can be.. She doesn’t cry often, but when she does her little wail is quite charming.

Sweet Savannah

so sweet

She does have a fiesty side and is not afraid to tell you off if you upset her.

She hates having her nappy changed and will bleat away like a lamb.

She is now getting used to her bath and will float around quite content in its liquid warmth.

She is very sensitive and caring. If Mummy is upset she will want to give me cuddles.

She is a snuggly bunny. She loves lying on your chest and smuggling right into sleep.

Snuggle bug

My snuggle bug

She has wind issues.

Her smile lights up my life.

She rocks my world.

Learning to Fart

Cheeky wind smile

Kalyra and Savannah

Beautiful Sisters

Savannah Makepeace

Only so little for so long


Lovely sisters

Story time

Story time

caz and savannah



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  • Travelogged

    What a sweet post! I wish that I had written down what my baby was like at six weeks because now that he’s 10 months that feels very long ago. He certainly wasn’t sleeping that much at night though — you’re lucky. From about 3 months on, he became a catnapper and very rarely will nap for a whole hour. Usually it’s more like 30-40 minutes.

    Such beautiful photos!


    • Caz

      The cat napping is killer. you know I think I am going to write a post on it, because it seems as if the majority of mothers I speak to lately comment that their child was or is a cat napper!! Maybe that is the real truth- that babies are just cat nappers, they don’t really sleep for long periods.


  • Mrs Woog

    You are doing great Caz! Xx


    • Caz

      Thanks Mrs Woog! I’m ready for a health retreat


  • Laura

    so beautiful….those first 6 weeks can be so hard, but bring so much love and joy. It is such a gift to be a parent.


    • Caz

      It sure is Laura- there would be no way you would do it otherwise!!


  • jo castro

    Heartwarming and honest. Loved it. Admire your energy. I remember being a complete wreck until my babies slept through the night! Hope to meet you at #pbevent.


    • Caz

      i hope so too Jo! It will be a fun event. I ask Savannah every night to sleep through 🙂 she has once and the energy I got from a 7 hour sleep was amazing!


  • Lisa Wood

    Hi Caz,

    she is so sweet!! Love how she cuddles on your chest, and the photo of you with her laying on the bed wrapped up in a pink bunny rug is the cutest.

    They grow so fast. I had five babies, and only one of them loved to sleep in his cot..he was our only thumb sucker! The other four babies would only sleep if I was holding them. After 12 months of this it is very draining. But I am so glad that I got to spend lots of cuddle time because now that we have two teenage sons (who are taller then me!) I treasure those memories.

    It will get easier. The first time she sleeps through the night you wont know what to do with yourself!!

    give her a big hug, and big kiss – she is so sweet.



    • Caz

      It is so tiring. I do love the cuddles though!


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