Learning to Fart

It’s hard to imagine that as an adult there was a time when we once didn’t know how to fart.

I am sure that there have been times in our lives when one has slipped out at the wrong time and we certainly wished we didn’t know how.

Learning to Fart

Cheeky wind smile

Savannah has been teaching me that in our lives there is always that time and place when we didn’t know how to do the things that seem so effortless to us now.

And at the time trying to learn it was full of pain and grunts, until we finally figured it out.

The other night, Savannah and I spent several hours together as I tried to teach her how to fart.

At midnight, the pain of not knowing obviously got too much for her as she grunted and trapped-fart-pain moaned for a couple of hours.

I rubbed her tummy, cycled her legs and lifted them up in the air. She pushed, almost to the extent I did when giving birth to her. Her face reddened and the moans kept coming.

Every now and then a small fart would pop out, but not enough to relieve her.

Then finally the big motorbike came roaring along and finished with a big sloppy poo. I know, too much information right?

“Oh my god Savannah, I bet that felt good. Good girl. Is your tummy better now?”

She leaned back with the sigh of a starving person who has just eaten the meal of their life. Relief washed all over her face and I giggled. Ah the things you find joyful at two am after a sleepless night.

I relished in it, knowing that in a couple of years time I would be telling her to mind her manners.

Tonight she did the motorbike again. It was done with no help on my part, but that sneaky look of contentment and relief passed by her face.

My girl is learning.

Learning anything new in our life is just like learning to fart.

Eventually we’ll get there and when we do we will wonder what we found so difficult about it in the first place. We’ll be so relieved we stuck with it and conquered the ability to create noise from our arse and make others giggle.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What in your life has been like learning how to fart?

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  • Lisa Wood

    Gosh you sure have a way with words! So funny – wonder why its ok for a baby to fart anytime anywhere but if us adults do a fart in public, its not ok? How weird is our society!

    I like the countries where it is polite to burp after every meal – cant remember which country but I read about how if you burp then that means you like the meal!

    Manners are good, but there is a time and place when you just need to do and be whatever it is to be comfortable.



    • Caz

      Very weird!! I think we find anything babies do cute and adorable.
      Its Japan where it is okay to burp and to fart as well. we will never forget a Japanese man close by us at a restaurant in Thailand. He cocked his leg and let one rip, and kept on eating like nothing happened. Everyone around him stopped in horror and began chuckling, oblivious to him however. 🙂


  • Johanna

    Just too funny, Caz! You’re so right! As Mums we want to ease our babes into as pain free an existence as possible – and if learning to fart does not come naturally we will do whatever it takes to teach them! Definitely a Mum thing methinks. Dads might be able to show them, but not coax them 🙂 Sorry boys!


    • Caz

      I must have taught her well because now they just slip on out so naturally, just like her sister’s do!! Dads can show them alright 🙂


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