Our Children Choose Us

A comment I received via email from a reader of y travel blog made me really smile the other day. It reminded me of what Craig and I believe to be true in regards to children and parents. It is wonderful to hear that other people think the same way.

Her comment was in relation to the upcoming birth of our new daughter

Isn’t she clever- choosing parents that will love her.

Craig and I also believe that our children choose us, just as we choose our own parents.

If this is true or not none of us will ever know, but this is why I love thinking like this.

It Holds me accountable

Believing that my children choose me to be their mother holds me accountable. It makes me understand that I have a very important job to do and with that comes the dedication to be the best mother I can be. It makes me think more about my choices and holds my role as a mother to be just that more sacred.

I always work better when I know that someone is relying on me. It is up to me to give my child whatever she came here to get.

Teaches me True Unconditional Love

Knowing that my children chose me also lets me know they are not here for me. They are not here to make me happy or make me feel needed. They are here for themselves and for their own lives, and I am merely a guide for them.

This lets me know and understand true unconditional love. I have a job to do and when that job is done I will willingly and lovingly release them to do whatever it is they came to do.

Makes me Recognize the Divine in my Child

Speaking with my chakra rebalancing  practitioner the other week about our children choosing us once again made me glow with the realization that Kalyra and my new baby are so divine, as we all are.

We all come from this magical, unknown place full of wisdom and knowing. We arrive here with everything we need to know and a clear purpose set out. I can’t look at my children without seeing that magic and wondering just what it is they have to do and delight in helping them reconnect with that.

It also makes me understand that my children are my greatest spiritual teachers and keeps my eyes and ears open to hear their messages for me.

Kalyra and Craig

She chose us

Helps me Forgive and Appreciate my Own Parents.

You cannot believe that your children choose you without understanding that you chose your parents. When you know this you can instantly forgive them and wipe away any ill feelings you may have ever held towards them.

I had a friend who once told me that your children will break your heart, and as a parent you will break theirs. It can’t be helped. Parenting comes with hard choices. He also told me that part of growing up is learning to forgive your parents for any hurt they may have caused you.

How can I hold any ill feelings towards my parents? Everything they did for me was what I chose them to do. I chose it because they were the lessons I need to learn. I am so grateful that they did the job I wanted them to do. Now I can just appreciate them for the wonderful spirits they are.

Helps me to Understand My Mistakes and Choices are Okay

We travel a lot, obviously. While others may see this as a selfish thing to do, we don’t at all. There are far too many benefits to it for our children. If I start to get weighed down by guilt or worry, I can remember that my children chose me; they knew this was the life we lived and they wanted to be a part of it.

It also helps me to not beat myself up about my mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes may be just what your child needed to learn.

There is a massive caveat that comes with this and that may be the fact that people could abuse this by making choices that clearly are not responsible and help empower their children and fob it off as “Oh well, you chose me.” Thinking in this regard is abuse and should never be tolerated.

Parenting is a sacred job, and it must be treated as being so.

Makes me Feel so Special and Blessed

It is good to feel wanted. It is great to feel special and blessed.

Kalyra is the most precious soul I have ever met and she chose me to be her Mummy. That makes me glow with love and gratitude at the miracle and joy of life every day. And now I am almost ready to meet my new beautiful baby girl who chose me too. Aren’t I just so lucky?

Can you believe how special you are? Your children chose you.

There is no greater gift on Earth.

So whether you believe in after lives, before lives, random happenings or destiny, I think we can all agree that believing that your children chose you only allows you to believe in and love the magic of being a parent and what a sacred job we all hold in being one.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you believe your children chose you? Why do you like thinking like this or why do you like thinking in another way?

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  • Kylie Ofiu aka Aspiring Millionaire

    I love this idea. My sister fully believes in it too. Our brothers kids could not be parented by anyone other than them.

    Also my children are so much me that whilst I know anyone else would love them, they wouldn’t understand them like I do. I can explain to my husband why they do the things they do and he understands as he see me do things that way. e is very understanding and patiend which is exactly what my children and I need, and since they think like me, I know how they think.

    My sister says my kids chose me.


    • Caz

      That is a great way of thinking. We understand them the best because they chose us as they knew this!! Love it


  • Ellenlevick

    We thank G-d that perhaps our children choose us. They have succeeded and surpassed us in more ways than we could ever have imagined. We are humbled by the concept and have always believed it.


  • Haley

    This is a fantastic way of thinking an believing , I couldn’t imagine my children being brought up by anyone else but me ! I know I haven’t always made the best choices meaning me and my two children have moved around a few times and haven’t always had the settled lives we all wish for our children. However we have a bond that nothing could ever come between and my children have learnt so much about this world we live on and about people we live amongs, I believe this is the lesson they chose to learn. I also believe the more challenges we face down here, enlightens us for out next lives and knowledge is power. I can’t say how greatful I am to have been chosen by these two clever strong children and they have learnt me so much.


  • jill

    Hi, it’s sort of a pleasant idea, but why do you think that? Why do you think a child chooses their parents? What’s the logic behind it? Or is it just a nice idea?


  • Nancy

    I have a problem with this idea that children choose their parents. Does this mean that children who are abused by their parents chose them because they had lessons they had to learn?

    As a mother, I hold myself accountable because I chose to bring my daughter into this world. It is my responsibility, privilege, joy and struggle to raise my daughter with love because I chose to have her and I continue to choose to raise her.


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