My Experience with Chakra Rebalancing

I had been really feeling my pregnancy over the last couple of months. I was so tired, achy, moody and generally feeling like crap.

I felt so misaligned with everything and knew something was really amiss. Sure I was pregnant but something else was happening. I never felt this bad with Kalyra, and while I am not as fit and healthy as when I was pregnant with her, I knew it couldn’t be that vastly different.

My funk was killing me and I knew something had to be done. A few weeks back I wrote a post on my bizarre mediation experience and from that moment I knew I was having an issue with the energy flowing through my chakras.

Chakra reblancing

Heart Chakra 

I had heard of chakra rebalancing before and was something I really wanted to try. Now it became almost a requirement that I do get it done. My best friend gave me a gift certificate for the local Gnostic healing centre for my baby shower.

What more of an encouraging sign did I need?

On Saturday morning, I headed on down for my chakra rebalancing.

I was instantly put at ease by the gentle and peaceful spirit of my practitioner, Tiffany, as she guided me through the rebalancing

What is Chakra Rebalancing?

There are seven main chakra points situated around the body, each situated on an energy path. Therefore, each Chakra is responsible for certain aspects of the body and certain moods and characteristics too.

Chakra treatments are based upon the belief held for thousands of years in Eastern philosophies that the universe and everything in it is made up of energy… including people.

For optimal health and happiness, these energies need to be connected, free flowing and in balance. It is this flow and balance that is maintained through Chakra treatments.

Releasing Chakra energy helps to deal with specific issues that you may be experiencing – a holistic therapy that can help with a variety of physical and emotional issues, working on the entire body and strengthening the connection to the entire universe.

Connecting with my Daughter

I only thought that the process would involve Tiffany connecting with my chakras and helping them to spin properly to let the energy flow freely again. I didn’t realize that she would also be able to make connections with my angels, past lives, and my growing baby.

I think it would be fair to say that all pregnant women spend the majority of their pregnancy concerned as to the effects their life choices must have on their growing babies. I didn’t realize just how worried I was about it until my session was over and I felt a great sense of calm and relief and feeling like I was connecting much better with my child.

Of course, I believe that our souls pass through many lifetimes and our children choose us. Some of you may believe something completely different and that is fine. All that matters is that it works for you.

Some of you, like my mum and dad, might laugh hysterically at the silliness of what I was told and what I believe, but that is okay as well. I can see the funny side of it and it gives me a chuckle as well.

I felt an overwhelming presence of love and gratitude for the life to come with our new daughter and the sacredness that comes from being a mother. Tiffany told me that our baby really liked the name we had chosen for her; apparently lots of babies don’t like their name which comes out in things like them being unsettled or sick.

She said my daughter knows that I want her to come early. She will come a week early for me but she really needs a week or two more inside my tummy.

Suddenly all desperate hoping for her to come vanished. I realized that I was being selfish wanting her to come when I wanted. She needs to come when it is best for her. With that comes great relief and I feel the ticking time bomb has gone and I can just rest into the last three weeks of my pregnancy.

Angels and Spirit Guides

My angel, Mary, entered into the room. Apparently we get our angels long before we are born and we have many of them. Mary said I was very blessed to have this baby as she is going to be beautiful. She is going to be curious and very happy. She is an old soul who has been around the block a few times.

It sounds just like Kalyra. An enormous weight lifted from my shoulders. I had been sooo worried that the stress I had been under and my not-so-healthy lifestyle choices were going to affect my baby. Now, I am not so worried.

Past Life Release

Tiffany is also able to receive information about your past lives (yes this is very woo woo, but I love the magic and mystery that lies behind this sort of stuff).  As soon as she put her hands over my throat chakra she said

“Oh, do you have issues with people touching your neck?”

“Um, no” She was obviously picking something up. She then asked me if I knew a Philip, which I don’t.

After a time of her listening and connecting, she told me that Philip was in fact me in a previous life. She explained that often aspects of our previous lives get stuck here with us in the present, as it is something we have not yet worked through and need to deal with now.

It all made fascinating sense to me and made me think of so many different things about how this can impact a lot on how we behave. Brings a new aspect to the whole nature vs nurture debate.

Her explanation of Philip, his life, and how that was impacting my life now was so accurate. Philip came over to Australia at the end of the convict era and was a PIRATE!! (Yes, Craig is a little more cautious around me now.)

But Philip committed good acts of Piracy in the fact that he was stealing from those far wealthier than him, and he was only doing it because he was poor and starving and was left with no other options. I was really a good man.

Poor Philip in the end was hung, which is why she was picking up the energy about my throat. And I explained to her what happened with my head turning to the side during my bizarre meditation experience, which first alerted me to the fact that something was remiss with my chakra energy.

“Yes,” she replied, matter of factly. “Your head turned to the side because you were hung and you had issues from that in your present life you had to deal with.”

HOW COOL IS THAT??? I love these little mysterious and magical connections.

I tell you, I was having fun in this session.

The Positive and Negative Lessons

The negatives from Phillips life that I am bringing into this present life is a sense of desperation. I feel as if I cannot control or manage financial aspects in my life and that I struggle to provide.


This is so me. I wish I knew this a couple of years ago so I didn’t mismanage my money, but never too late I guess. She said I need to get rid of that desperation and so she released that into the light for me.

And honestly, for the first time in years, I feel a certain lightness, control and certainty now when I think of money and my financial future. I no longer feel burdened or desperate.

The positives of Philips life is that, even though he didn’t always make great choices, he always lived with the freedom of choice. He always felt free to choose what he wanted to do as he saw best fit for his life.

I have spoken on this blog and the travel blog many times how freedom has always been my highest value. I have always been staunch in the fact that this is my life, I will choose to do what I see best fits it. I don’t really care much about what others think (not in a bad way.)

Tiffany further spoke to me of how essential it was that I continue to make choices that are best for me and family. Only I know what that is and to not let anyone try to dissuade me from that. I shouldn’t let others pressure me, or try to please everyone. This is really relevant to my life right now.

I knew there was a reason I had to have my chakra rebalancing. Something kept niggling at me. It is so important to listen to these niggles; they are there because there is something you need to learn.

I am sad to say goodbye to Philip, but thank him for his previous life and for the lesson he has now given me to improve my life. I hope we can make this one better for our spirit.

Is this stuff all for real?

Do I know all of what happened with Tiffany, my rebalancing and the beliefs I have about how life works to be absolutely true? No. None of our beliefs are ever certainties.

But, whether it is true or not, what I do know to be true, is I had fun listening to it, it helped me to feel euphoria at the untapped and unknown magic that exists in our physical and metaphysical world, and it helped me to once again feel great.

I feel aligned with myself again. I feel rejuvenated, full of energy and spark, I feel light and I don’t feel burdened down with my pregnancy. In fact, apart from a few kicks and fake contractions, I no longer even feel pregnant.

I have not felt this light and free in a very long time.

And so for these things alone, a chakra rebalancing is so worth it. It may give you a laugh, or it may give you something to believe in, but for sure it will certainly give freshness to your spirit.

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  • kirri

    I was wondering what a chakra rebalancing was! Interesting explanation.
    It reminds me of the first time I went for an hour long, deep massage. I was kind of ho-hum about it and figured I didnt really need it or comprehend the many benefits of massage but afterwards….wow, THATS when I could feel just how stressed and knotted up my body had been and just how light and lovely I now felt.

    Sounds like it was meaningful and beneficial on many levels.


    • Caz

      You don’t realize until after you have done it just how much you needed it! the Chakra was so great, I can’t believe how much of a different person I feel like now.


  • Marina

    What a great read Caz – I love how life just keeps teaching us things and once a link has been identified – the problems can just lift . Love it, thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Caz

      It is incredible how the problem can just disappear so easily. I think I need to do a chakra rebalancing every week now! No more problems


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