Soul Cake Baby Shower

Yesterday, I had my baby shower.

I wasn’t going to have one, but Craig convinced me that I should. I’m glad I did.

I wanted something small, relaxed and easy. There’s too much going on in my life and everyone else’s right now to have to be worrying about planning, preparing and then cleaning up after a baby shower.

So I decided to round up all the girls and take them down to my favourite Coffee Shop Soul Cake Cafe

Soul Cake Cafe Ettalong

Soul Cake

Craig and I have become part of the furniture here, the staff know us by name, and it is such a relaxing place to have coffee or a delicious breakfast and lunch.

What better place for women to meet up for a chat and celebration.

Family and friends Soul Cake baby shower

Family and friends

My family

My Sis, Mum, and Aunties

All our lives are so busy it is hard to see anyone anymore so it was wonderful to meet up with family and friends for a flat white and a piece of the divine signature Soul Cake

soul cake


If you are ever in Ettalong, you must come to Soul Cake and try this moist, fruity cake that has a sweet, rich syrup to pour on top and smothered with ice cream. Who cares about the calories?

Baby shower

Lots of great gifts

We received some lovely gifts for our new baby girl. Looking at all the gorgeous and tiny outfits made me so excited for her arrival.

Baby shower

Baby shower

She got a ton of clothes, toys, wraps and blankets, as well as a baby bath, and this really cool nappy cake that Craig’s Mum made.

Baby shower

The Nappy Cake

I’ve never seen anything like it before but it has wrapped nappies in layers, decorated with socks, face washers, bibs and a rattle for the giant candle on the top.

Pretty cool

So now I am really ready for bubs to arrive.

And last night I was awake all night with contractions, that have now gone quiet, save for the odd squeeze here and there.

Ahhh. I thought we were close to baby cuddle time.

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  • kirri

    I want that cake!
    Looks like a great place to chill and for someone who is about to pop….You’re looking fresh-faced and fab!


  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Darling, I am so so so sorry that I have been out of touch. I had no idea that you were pregnant! I am so embarrassed. SUPER DE DUPER CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing 🙂


    • Caz

      No worries Andi, you have been busy getting married in exotic countries!! Life is so busy for everyone so totally understand. Thank you so much, any day now!


  • Lisa Wood

    That Nappy cake is far too cute! I love the idea of siting down to coffee and cake at a favorite place to eat, rather then have to worry about a baby shower and the clean up afterwards!

    The Soul Cake sounds so yummy 🙂 What a great place to sit and share good times. Thanks for sharing.



    • Caz

      Anything to avoid cleaning up and so I can relax!! The Soul Cake is divine. Put it on your list if your bus brings you this way


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