Kalyra loves Coffee Shops

“I want to go to the coffee shop!”

Kalyra requests this quite often. It’s not a request you would often hear from a three year old’s mouth too often, but Kalyra says it about once a week.

Craig and I are addicted to cafes and we have been bringing Kalyra with us since she was born. It’s a place for us to sit, relax, talk and watch the world go by. For her it’s chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.

Kalyra Loves Coffee Shops

In her cafe element

I’ll never forget when she was just beginning to talk, we drove past our local Starbucks in Raleigh. As soon as she saw that familiar green and white circular sign out the front she pointed and said “Starbucks.” Oops.

When we are out for a walk she knows when we are a couple of blocks away from our local coffee shop and she shouts out, “I want to go to the coffee shop.”

Well we sure don’t need our arms twisted and she is the boss after all.

Kalyra and banana bread

Yummy banana bread

Sometimes I worry we are being bad role models and setting her up for bad habits. But then I think of how much she seems to enjoy just hanging out with Mummy and Daddy in that way. It is like one of our specail family moments. We balance it out with plenty of trips to the park, barbie school games, and healthy fruit snacks.

One day she won’t be wanting Mum and Dad anywhere near her when she is hanging out at the local cafe. But, we’ll be there hiding behind the bushes just watching what she is ordering and with whom.

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  • yogasavy

    As long as she wants to be with you grab it. A time will come when they will be on their own journey!


    • Caz

      It’s sad to think that one day Mummy will be uncool to be with. Right now we are “best friends”


  • Mary Hudak-Collins

    Ooooh, that is so precious! No, I don’t think that you are imposing bad habits…anytime, anywhere that parents share time with their child is a good thing.
    And I have to say…I would be hiding behind the bushes as well with my little girl:)


    • Caz

      Ha Ha. We can hide next to each other. I love any time spent with Kalyra!


  • Rimly

    She is beautiful. Make the most of it now because you know it they grow up and move on. Loved Kalyra’s pictures


    • Caz

      Thank you Rimly! She is growing up too quickly as it is. 🙂


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