Does this Mean I am healed?

A strange thing happened this week. I opened up a web browser and began searching for properties I would like to buy.

I did this not just with curiosity but with enthusiasm.

Not only that, but I spoke to Craig about buying property again with confidence and excitement and eyes open to opportunity.

Eyes that have been reborn with wisdom and clarity and purpose.

It has been several years since my desire for property investing has been present. It was pushed back into the corridors of fear, pain and insecurity in my mind.

For a couple of years there I could not even think about owning property again without wanting to sob hysterically.

It’s just not for me… It doesn’t work.. it’s too risky…. it controls your life…. were some of the fear based failure statements I made to try to convince myself that it was just a bad investment strategy.

It so is not.

I just made it one with bad decisons that were based on desperation, insecurity and fear.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever come back to the point of knowing the truth again and allowing my dream to resurface.

This week is a celebration of the fact that this can happen, if you allow yourself time to grieve and heal. If you allow yourself the ability to learn the lessons and to never ever quit.

Mistakes are lessons.

They are not there to destroy our lives and prevent our dreams from becoming real. They impose themselves upon us when we haven’t quite got what it takes yet, and the only way for us to learn is to fail; and fail miserably.

Buying property

Sure I can!

I have found myself thinking and believing in a new way over the past couple of weeks. A lot of it has to do with the opening up to some truths I discovered during a recent bizarre meditation experience.

I now have the quiet strength and confidence of a tree trunk, who knows that the branches may at times bend and sway in the wind, they may sometimes break off, and the fruits will fall, but they will grow back again in abundance.

I know now that my dreams are becoming real, that I deserve it and I can always rely on it.

What might seem so small to you is actually a giant leap forward for me this week. I am reclaiming my life and putting my past mistakes behind me. It is time to have what I truly desire.

My plans for the future have never felt more assured.

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  • Andrea

    So does this mean you guys are staying in Australia? That’s a gorgeous house you’ve shown here =)


    • Caz

      Nooooo. We are just looking at the moment and are at the dreaming stage. But we are not buying in Oz. Too expensive. Would rather buy in the States where we get way more for our money


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