Our First Family Painting

Kalyra loves drawing, colouring and painting. From a young age she has been able to sit still for really long periods of times doing these activities. It is amazing to watch her intensity, concentration and creativity.

Kalyra painting

She starts

What better way to enhance this and welcome our new baby in to our family then by having Kalyra paint a picture for her baby sister?

She wanted to paint her family.

Our first family picture

What an artist

I had to resist my teacher controlling urge to direct how it was going to look and what colours she was going to use. Obviously I wanted it to look beautiful and I know how she can sometimes go wild with paint to end up with a pooey blob.

Makepeace family

She’s got it all under control

You have to find that very fine line between guiding and letting their creativity shine through, or squashing it by controlling the outcome that best suits you.

I decided to guide and let her go for it.

first family picture

Look at my beautiful family

I love how she has the three girls in green and the odd one out, Daddy, in blue. Isn’t he so lucky to be surrounded by three gorgeous women? We’ll help to keep it real for him.

Mummy is holding Daddy’s hand across the road and Kalyra is holding her baby sisters.

What a beautiful first family painting!

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  • Tracy

    I think she’s done an amazing job! What’s that on Daddy’s stomach – a giant belly button or is he wearing a cool shirt?


    • Caz

      That is his growing belly!! 🙂 Sometimes lately, I am not to sure which of us is the pregnant one. LOL


  • Jenna

    Totally sweet. I remember Noah drawing pictures and making things at school for his baby brother when I was pregnant. Kalyra does a great job painting!


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