My Husband is Leaving Me

Now before you get halfway this post and realized I may have duped you a little bit with my paparazzi style title, let me tell you up front, my husband is leaving me….

but not for good.

Although I am sure after my pregnancy volatile mood swings that might be an attractive thing for him to do.

He is leaving me, but just for a short time. Twelve days to be exact.

For many women, who have been married for 9 years, this might seem almost like a second honeymoon and a welcome relief, but not for me.

Craig and I have been pretty much inseparable for the nine years of our marriage, only being separated for the odd night apart with respective friends. For the majority of our marriage it has been just him and me, as we travel the world. And then there was just the three of us, when Kalyra came along.

And now that there will be four of us, he’s going to go gallivanting off to New Zealand on an Ultimate Supporters tour of the Wallabies run to victory in the World Cup and leave his girls behind.

Can you believe the hide of him?

If you weren’t aware, the Rugby World Cup is on this Sept/Oct in New Zealand. Craig is a big sports nut and once played professional rugby league for the North Sydney Bears for 6 years.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

He's leaving me

If you haven’t yet heard of our Ultimate Travel Adventure, it’s basically us travelling the world following all major sporting games and cultural festivals.

So when the opportunity came to go to the rugby he decided to jump on it.

Without us.

Wait up though.

It really isn’t that bad.

Actually it is really bloody good, and even though I am immensely jealous and disappointed that we can’t join him on the campervan tour, I am tremendously excited.

The Great Crusade

We were invited by Qantas to join the second leg of the Great Crusade Ultimate Supporters Tour of New Zealand as the Wallabies go on to claim victory.

Of course, the kiddies can’t go being a sporting event rather than a family adventure. That meant one of us had to stay at home.

As much as I love rugby, especially World Cup Rugby, and would so love to do this tour, it really is Craig’s thing, and I am the milk factory so must be at home with bubs.

Craig is quite shattered to be leaving his three gorgeous women behind and why wouldn’t he?

I’m sure he’ll recover quite quickly after his first New Zealand adrenalin activity and live World Cup Rugby event.

This was too good an opportunity to refuse. Not only does it mean our Ultimate Travel Adventure has started, even if I’ll only be there in spirit and working behind the scenes from my living room office, but we will be working on our first partnership with a major brand, something we have been working towards since we started blogging.

Yeah, so of course I am happy to kick him out for 12 days.

I just get to go on the health retreat, whenever that pops up.

Craig will be gone from Sept 29- Oct 10 (wine evenings anyone?)

The Great Crusade will involve 25 campervans following the Wallabies around New Zealand as they play their way to victory. There are three legs of the tour and will be joined rugby fans who won their place in a campervan through a video competition that Qantas have been running for the past couple of months. Craig will be on the second leg of the tour and will be busy at work, yes work, the whole time.

He will be posting daily about all the fun things the travelling campervan family will be doing through the spectacular New Zealand including things like bungy jumping, quad biking, jet boating, and sightseeing. He will also be experiencing game events, meeting Wallaby players, celebrities, TV and radio personalities.

Nah. Not jealous at all!!

Have a great time!

Now to think of all the fun things I can do while he is gone.

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Suggestions anyone?

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