Kalyra- The Mojito Daughter

Mojito mother


A Wild and Pleasant Place

Kalyra is named after a winery.

Driving through the vineyards of Santa Barbara on our 2006 US road trip, we pulled into a winery called Kalyra. We  immediately recognized the Australian flag flying out the front and Aboriginal dot paintings on the walls of the building. As we sipped a glass of full bodied Cab Sav, we asked about the vineyard’s obvious Australian influence and the meaning behind its name.

The winery is owned by two brothers from South Australia.

Kalyra is an Aboriginal word which means a wild and pleasant place.

When it came time to name our first child, we wanted a  name that was not only unique but had a special meaning, and somehow reflected our travels and the big part of our lives it takes.

When our daughter was born, there was no other name that was more perfect.

Kalyra- a wild and pleasant place.

mojito mother

A wild and pleasant place

And that she is. She is as equally wild as she is pleasant and I love this about her.

Even though her stubborn nature and fierce independence can be a thorn in my backside, I absolutely love her strength of spirit and her wild nature. She knows who she is and what she wants and she’ll fight for it.

She is passionate, full of energy and spice, she laughs a lot, and has a crazy sense of humour.

Kalrya Makepeace Mojito mother


There is a side to her that is also very soft and sweet. At times, she can be very shy and demure. She is charming and affectionate and is so kind and caring.

I love being in her presence.

To me, she is my greatest spiritual teacher. She can often speak so much to me with just a simple look or smile and reminds me exactly what I need to do and who I need to be.

Oh, and she gives great cuddles.

About Kalyra

She is four

She loves ballet and dancing like there is no one watching

She has a funny sense of humour

She loves chocolate and far too many sweet things

She is a typical Virgo- highly organized and pays attention to details.

She is really curious about the world around her.

She loves to travel.

She is a princess diva, totally unlike her mummy. She chooses and matches her own clothes, hates getting dirty and could play barbies and dress ups all day long.

She also loves doing puzzles and reading books.

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