Kalyras Travel Bucket List

“Mum I want to go to Africa”

I was enjoying the warmth of the water washing over my skin in the shower as Kalyra came bursting into the bathroom with her latest request.

“Africa? How do you know about Africa?”

“I know Africa. I want to go and see the big elephants and really tall girafffes.” She gestured her arms wide and then high.

Elephants in Africa

Elephants in Africa

“That’s where they live. Can we go there mum?”

“Of course we can go to Africa. Mummy loves Africa. I’d love to take you to see the elephants and giraffes.”

Giraffes in Africa

Giraffes in Africa

“Yeah I’m so excited.” Jumping up and down like a springbok, she clapped her hands and gracefully bounded back out the door.

I shook my head in amazement for what my global travelling 3 year old already knows about the world around her. More than a lot of adults even. Yes.

I thought back to the conversation I had with some customer service personnel for some reason back in the States.

I had to tell her I was from Australia.

“From where?”



“Yes, Australia.”

“And where exactly is that ma’am?”

“Ummmm, you know the country?”

“You said Australia? Is there another name for that?”

Oh My God, is she kidding? Peals of laughter ripped open on my inside.

“Umm the Land Down Under?”

“I’m sorry ma’am I don’t know where that is.

“You know where the kangaroos and koalas live.”

“Well, I don’t know. How do you spell that ma’am?”

Okay so this is probably not a normal conversation, but geez did it make me sure glad of my global education and the fact that Kalyra already knew where Australia, America and Fiji was. And now she knows where Africa is. Phew I don’t think I have to worry about her producing any statements like this in her future.

Kalyra is a born traveller, and with parents like us what hope did she have? We constantly talk to her about the world around her, things she has done and thing she can do.

I don’t want her jumping up and down with the thought of seeing elephants in the zoo, I want her to shout with glee with her plans of seeing them in their real home. She has to know that this can be a reality for her.

Her travel bucket list so far looks like this

  • Disneyland- she already has saved $200
  • A cooking excursion to the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam
  • Teaching in Thailand when she gets bigger, on her own without mummy and daddy. But don’t worry she’ll call us to let us know she is okay.
  • Queensland to see where she was born.
  • Africa to see the giraffes and elephants.

Where will she want to go next??

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  • islandmomma

    Just wait until she has been to places you haven’t!!! Both my sons have now, and I am amazed and jealous……and proud of course!


    • Caz

      I’m not sure if she’ll be allowed to visit places without us!! 🙂 You must get so excited for your sons, knowing they are out there seeing the world.


  • Jane

    Caz love this article and have now pulled out all my travel maps and books for my 4 year old to write his travel list (yet another bucket list for the fridge!) Made me remember that they really are capable of making a lot of their own decisions and I’m sure the list will contain lots of places I didn’t expect. Thanks for making us feel so much better about taking the kids away in school time when I feel a little guilty about it!


    • Caz

      Never feel guilty about it! You are doing great things for them. What an adventure for your child to just sit and plan it with you. Love it!


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