Should I find out the Gender of the Baby?

When I was pregnant with Kalyra I was adamant that there was no way I wanted to find out the gender of the baby. I wanted a surprise, after all that work I deserved something special at the end right?

And I did receive something special, a delightfully precious baby girl.

Find out the gender of baby

I meet my precious girl

But, did not knowing this make her any less special or less of a surprise? Not at all. Everything about her was a surprise.

When I think back on the birth of Kalyra, not knowing what she was is something that does not stick in my mind as the ultimate event or surprise. I would have loved that little screaming face just as much if I knew she was going to be a girl.

All of this thinking has come about because on Friday I am going for my 19 week scan. The scan where you can find out the gender of the baby.

The time when I can ask the sonographer, “Am I having a boy or a girl?”

Craig and I have spoken at length as to whether we should ask this question or wait for the end surprise.

I don’t think finding out is going to make the actual birth event any less special. Nevertheless, I had to think about all the reasons why I should find out whehter I am carrying a boy or a girl. In reality there were a stack of reasons why I should find out the gender of my baby verse the only reason why I shouldn’t–for a surprise.

Maybe finding out the gender of your baby is not natural. But is it not natural? I mean the technology in my lifetime makes it a natural part of pregnancy and childbirth. Years ago, they didn’t have it, but times have evolved and I love evolution. Life has to be about how it is now, not how it once was.

In a post last week I spoke of my transitional hell. Life for Craig and I is very up in the air at the moment, and has been for the last six months. We moved back to Australia not wanting to and hoping it would just be a temporary stay before we moved on to the new chapter. We are a little stuck right now and do not know where our future is moving to.

Life is one big ball of uncertainty–homes, jobs, business, opportunities- nothing is set in concrete. The thought of having one more uncertain monumental event in my life is just too much of a weight for me to bear. Mentally, I just can’t do it. I need to know something definite in my life. I need to have something I can fully prepare for. There are no surprises that could give me more peace and joy than that right now.

And so we are going to find out.

With this means we can either get rid of all of Kalyra’s clothes and girly things, as you know I hate clutter and hoarding and there is no way I am having a third child.

Or I can start getting my boy things ready. I have many friends who are offering lots of boy things. On Friday I can either say yes please, or thanks anyway!

It also means that I can avoid that slight disappointment I am afraid I might feel if when the baby was born and it was a girl. I would absolutely love another girl, but I would also love to have a boy. And I don’t want to have even a pinch of disappointed energy when I first see my baby’s face.

Knowing if I am having a boy or a girl will also help me bond with my baby over the remaining 20 weeks of my pregnancy.

Am I having a boy or girl?

Am I having a boy or girl?

I’m excited to find out on Friday.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you or would you find out the gender of your baby? Why or why not?

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  • Elise

    How very exciting! Can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl!
    What do you ‘feel’ that it is? Do you follow any of the old wives tales that tell you if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl? Like if you hold a pendant over your belly and you see which way it swings or how your bump grows (if it sticks out or is a wide round belly?!)


    • Caz

      I don’t really follow old wives tales, you always hear a different result with each one. My mother in law swears she can tell by the heart rate and she has never got one wrong yet. So maybe there might be truth in that one. For Kalyra I felt it was a girl the whole time (except for about a week close to the birth) It was a pretty strong feeling. This time I really feel like it is a boy, but it really could be just me projecting my hopes and desires. Will see on Friday if my mummy intuition is correct. I’m going to write a post sometime soon about some other bizarre things that ended up being true with Kalyra!!


  • Cathy Sweeney

    It’s such a personal decision. Good for you to have thought it through together and come to the right decision – for you!

    Will be checking in on Friday to hear the news.


    • Caz

      Yeah. Can’t wait! Thanks Cathy.


  • Lorna - the roamantics

    you’ve made such a compelling argument for your decision! with so much uncertainty in my life right now i can relate to the reason behind your choice. let’s know what’s what already! 🙂 waiting excitedly for your happy news to come 🙂


    • Caz

      Thanks Lorna. I’m excited to be having an early surprise. I’m certain this is the right decision and am already planning the things I can do once I know.I think it will be great for Kalyra too.


  • Anthony

    Caz, I had no idea about your 2nd blog! Good work 🙂

    I was totally against finding out the gender but in true Libra fashion you balanced the scales 🙂

    I’m looking forward to you writing about it and I’m sure you’ll work everything out with respects to your living situation. Good luck 🙂


    • Caz

      Thanks for finding us Anthony. This is my new project. I’m really enjoying it and it’s less intense then the travel blog. Always trying to balance the scales!!


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