Decluttering- Clearing up the Energy Zones

I’ve spoken before of how I believe cleaning is insanity. Despite this I can’t stand cluttered mess. I have lived out of a backpack for 14 years so I am used to existing with just the bare essentials.

It is when I settle in one place for awhile that the accummulation of crap starts to pile up, and it’s not long before I begin to crack.

“Right Craig, I’m going nuts. We need to change things up and de-clutter. We have too much shit.”

“I’ve had enough too, we don’t need half of this junk. Let’s clear it up!”

To be honest, we really don’t have a lot of stuff, especially when we compare ourselves to what others have. Nevertheless, it usually takes me 3-6 months before I’m begging for a good old dose of minimilazation and change.

My classroom never had much time to collect dust. Every 6 weeks, I would be shifting the kids around. “I just can’t teach with everything always looking the same. Let’s mix it up kids.”

There is a very good reason for this. When thing stay the same, the air around them becomes stagnant and still. This is not what energy is supposed to do. Energy is supposed to be free to move, carrying out its purpose.

Today, Craig and I decluttered and moved furniture around.  I feel like I’ve just returned from a week at the health spa.

I hadn’t set up a decent office space for myself because I was in transition and did not know how long it would be before I moved again.

Decluttering clearing up the energy

OMG I could not think with this mess! (not mine by the way)

But, then I soon realized that not doing something right now because….. or I’ll do it when…… is a limiting way of living your life. There is no reason why I could not create a space right now that allowed the energy to flow freely around me in a decluttered area.

There was no reason why I could not organize my papers and folders for efficiency and ease. I was just stuck. Stuck in this stagnant, cluttered energy. It was time for a change.

Decluttering is vital for your health and evolution forward and here’s why

Out with the old in with the new

Decluttering and removing all those things in your life you no longer use, creates space for the new things to arrive.

Don’t hold onto things just in case.

This is poverty conciousness. If you haven’t used it in 6 months then you have ne need for it. Pass it on to someone else who can use it more.

The Universe abhors a vacuum and so will race quickly to fill it with something better for you. I am going through great change lately so a big decluttering is perfect for me prepare for the new to enter.

Change is as good as a holiday

This is my favourite sayings and one I have always used in order to embrace change.

Change is a great thing. Wth change comes new experiences and emotions, fresh energy and beginnnings.

Decluttering changes your environment so you feel as if you have a new place all over again. That makes you feel vibrant and alive, not dead and stale.

Energy Goes where attention Flows

Every felt like you just can’t think when you are around clutter?

If you are sitting in mess and clutter, your attention can’t help but flow towards that. You begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed. This means you are putting energy into these emotions, and..

what you put out returns to you

This energy is only going to attract more of those experiences  in your life that will help you continue to feel stressed, overwhelmed and cluttered.

Freeing up the clutter helps you to focus on your important tasks at hand, whether it be creating or love making!

Taking Control-Your inner world reflects your outer world

Chaos was all I could see around me, and then the big OMG ball dropped down. This is a reflection of my inner world right now. I need to change this immediately. My world is shaking up right now, it is really unstable and transient. My outer world clutter was really reflecting this.

Your outer world will always be a reflection of your inner

There were many projects and tasks left lying around unfinished, because I just didn’t know where my next step forward was so I decided to just remain idle. I knew that if I could tidy up and organize those projects and my creative space, then I could take control back of my inner world and start replicating those steps forward within that.

I feel so much more powerful this evening sitting in my new desk area with all my work organized around me.

Look around you right now. Do you see clutter? Do you see many things lying around that you know you have no use for you are just clinging onto them just because? Time to get off the chair and start decuttering. Clear up your energy zones and make some room for something fresh and new to enter into your life.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are your experiences with decluttering? What positive results have you achieved from freeing the energy once more?

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  • Megan

    Great post, Caz! I am much like you- I cannot think or work with a cluttered workspace, yet I am also too guilty of not doing enough to clean up and change up my spaces. Thanks for the reminder!


    • Caz

      No worries. It is easy for our work space to become overcluttered. I have papers strewn all over it again. Ready for another tidy up


  • Natalie

    Every so often I get the urge to move all the furniture around or de junk all the cupboards and wardrobes. The feeling when I have done it is fantastic. I agree, it is all about energy zones.


    • Caz

      It is so amazing. You feel like a new person. And no matter how many times you say it won’t happen again, the junk soon accumulates.


  • Elise

    I know how you feel-I hate clutter! Soemtimes, I even feel like I have too much stuff in my backpack!!
    I used to do the same thing with the kids in my classroom-we were always rearranging things, cleaning and sitting out on the oval doing lessons, sometimes we’d even move all our desks to the side and just lay on the floor and work like that all day. The kids loved it. I felt better for it and i felt like I could teach better without so much crap around and things being the same all the time.


    • Caz

      Ha Ha, I love it! Now that is the way kids should be learning. We need to all get closer to the earth more and forget being attached to those things that take us away from it.


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