Starting the Day the Right Way

How do you start the day of a morning?

Do you regretfully open your eyes, yell out some expletive and wish the sun would just go back down because you can’t bear facing another day at a job you hate or dealing with dramas you don’t want to deal with?

Or do you throw the covers back and jump out of bed with glee because you know this day is going to bring you wonderful surprises?

I used to do the first one, and then I realized that was not serving me at all. I made a choice. No matter what is going on in my life or what I have to do that day, upon opening my eyes, I would smile and welcome the day in with gratitude.

Starting the day the right way

What a beautiful morning

I would exclaim, “I can’t wait to see what amazing things this day is going to bring today.”

When you start your day like this you are more likely to see the amazing things that are going on in your life, no matter how small. The air tastes and feels different- alive and nutritious.

You laugh more and frown less. You take divine pleasure from a cuddle from your baby girl and the sound of your fingers flying across the keypad as you punch out another inspired post.

I love starting the day like this. And today, when I woke up something amazing did happen. I hit one of my goals overnight; a goal I had been working on for months. There is no greater feeling when you discover your heart and soul’s work blossoming into more.

How are you greeting each day?

You do know you won’t get this day again, ever.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How will choose to greet this once-in-a-lifetime day from now on?

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