Feel Good Friday

Thought of the Day

Words of Wisdom

By associating with wise people you will become wise yourself ~Menander

Friday Funny

Kalyra: I just did a pop off

Me: Ooops Did you stink out the room?

Kalyra: I had fire coming out my bum!

Weekly Affirmation

All is well in my world

Friday Photo

Kalyra Makepeace

Taken with the new camera

Feeling Good

I had lots of guest posts and interviews come out around the Internet this week. It always feels great to write for other sites and meet new people through the process. I love writing about success and mindset, so my favourite one this week was on Problogger “Ditch the Job Mentality and Develop and Entrepreneurial Mindset” and for a travel story My favourite Travel Memory Rafting the Nile.

Room For Improvement

SEO- Might not mean much to a lot of my readers. It could stand for Seriously Effing me Off, but in reality it is Search Engine Optimization. Basically how you get found in Google. I despise it more than tick bite fever. I am doing my best to learn and master it.

Thought of the Week

Look for the Magic

Every person who knows there in wonder and magic in life is a person who looked for it.
To discover the magic you have to be looking for it- not only in the big events, but in the smallest ones as well.
Cultivate this skill, and your life will never be the same again.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How are you cultivating the mojo magic in your life?

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  • Torkona

    cheers for this! some good helpful links!

    but you did a guest piece for problogger? sweet.. thats amazingly awesome.. gratz! i can see it sitting in my inbox waiting for me to read it! heheh how about that, small world..


    – tork


    • Caz

      Ha Ha. Serendipity! I did another one last month of building your fanpage community as well. I love writing for Problogger.!! 🙂 Thanks for appreciating.


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