Hi Five DVD and Bananas in Pyjamas DVD Review

Do you know what those crazy bananas in pyjamas are into these days–fixing things?

Except,they don’t really have a knack for fixing things.

They do, however have a knack for entertaining children as they have been doing all this week for Kalyra. She is Bananas in Pyjamas mad. They come on the TV and you will not get a word out of her mouth and she will not hear a word out of yours.

I was pretty happy to be given a copy of the latest Bananas in Pyjamas DVD to review as I knew she would love it. And she has not stopped watching the one and a half hour DVD  over and over again.

There are so many lines in there that she cracks up over every single time and can’t wait to point it out to me and recount what was so funny.

It has been quite a help to me when I have been occupied with baby Savannah. I know, we should never stick DVD’s on to keep our kids quiet.

Mother of the Year goes to me.

Anyway she is not quiet she is laughing and learning. That has to count for something right?ABC for kids

The other fantastic ‘twice the fun’, DVD and CD pack, featuring the ‘Sharing Stories’ DVD and the ‘Spin Me Round’ CD that she has been given to review is the new Hi Five DVD 

I have a really positive opinion of Hi Five that was formed way back in 2003 when I was teaching English as a Second Language to children aged – 8 in a primary school small group setting.

Two of the children, brother and sister, arrived from Venezuela without a word of English. Within two months they were speaking quite fluently. My boss was immensely pleased with me and I am sure he wanted to give me a bonus for being the best English teacher ever.

Except I knew the truth

“How are you speaking English so well?” I asked the eldest girl one day.

In a  sing song voice she replied

“Hi 5”

and then proceeded to sing every song word for word that they sang.

I was amazed and have loved them ever since.

Kalyra loves to sing and dance to them in the living room. At the moment they are competing with B1 and B2 for air time, but she has enjoyed the new DVD. I personally think it is not the same without the original singers and I found myself irritated with the two girls in this who persisted in speaking in a baby voice.

But apart from that it includes great skits and entertaining songs.

1 2 3 4 Hi 5

Many thanks to ABC for Kids and Roadshow entertainment for the DVDs

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Do your children like Hi 5 and Bananas in Pyjamas?

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  • Caz

    My littles one still love the bananas. She is 3 and I’m sure will grow out of them soon. They have been a huge fav of all three in the early years. I’ve never been as keen on Hi 5 – but the kids love it 🙂


    • Caz

      The new hi 5 is definititely not as good as the old


  • Denyse

    Hi Caz, I hope Savannah is sleeping like a baby tonight! I know “old” joke, yeah?!
    Becoming a grandma for the first time 15 years ago meant I became a Wiggles Fan & ABC kids shows as well. As a teacher of kids under 8 I have always used quality products from ABC range. But when Hi Five came along… And Miss 3 kind of loved them I was not as much a fan. Maybe even though I knew the producer was an E/C teacher it just didn’t ring true for teacher – me. Bananas in PJs are such perennials. All of the grandkids from 15 to 2 adored singing nana songs. I’m off to the wiggles 20th anniversary show too. I am young at heart!!


    • Caz

      The Wiggles show should be fun- they are so entertaining!


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