Are you treating it like a business or a hobby?

I was brought into a conversation the other day on Google+. I wasn’t aware of it until I’d been tagged and discovered I was being held up as a case study to prove you couldn’t make money off travel blogging.

I get his point. Making money from travel blogging is damn hard. But, it’s like any business or job, 20% of the people will have success because they will do the things that the 80% won’t.

The case studies highlighted about 4 travel bloggers and put forth a strong case that no one is making money. Except, he didn’t clarify the stats or how things have grown (not with me anyway) Because I am proving that you can make money from travel blogging.

I know most people aren’t so I understand the argument of don’t even try, you’re wasting your time. But, I hate people preaching this message because it is false.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Yep false evidence designed to place fear into people so they don’t invest time and money into their dreams. It’s evidence based upon what the 80% do. What about the 20%?  My thinking is if the 20% can, then why can’t I?

Don’t I just do what they do.

Anyone can make a business around what they love- people do it for crocheting or scrapbooking. I’ve a friend doing it now on her passion for drinking gin! Nice one.

  • Its all about your attitude
  • Its about what you’re willing to do
  • It’s about what you are willing to sacrifce and invest.

I’ve been sharing some of our journey to success on this blog with my sacredness steps series, and in my upcoming book. I spent many years fumbling around in the 80% proving to my fear that it couldn’t be done. Then life sucked so bad and my soul was dying that I said, fuck it, time for me to change.

For those who think they can’t have success or aren’t, you don’t need to look at what others are doing to determine whether you can or not, you just need to look at yourself.

  • What are you doing?
  • What choices are you making? How are you doing things differently?
  • Who are you listening to?
  • Are you taking the time to improve your work and create better and differently?
  • Are you investing time and money into growing your business?

Because I tell you, if I can make money from travel blogging, anyone can.  I sure as hell never had the skills or the smarts. You wouldn’t believe the heart palpitations I get when it comes to implementing anything tech related.

Craig and I have spent thousands on education and I hate to think how much on time. We’re the best at what we do because we learn from the best.

It’s ridiculous how many people contact me, I want to be like you and get paid to travel (the glamour they see is a far cry from the hard work reality)

I get excited. Of course you can. Here’s what you have to do.

They come back, Ah I don’t think I want to do that anymore.

Or they say, I see you’ve worked with Nissan or Tourism Australia or Canon. Can you give me their contact details? I want to work with them too.

Looking for the quick leg in the door. These are contacts I’ve spent HOURS of time and INVESTED money into myself and business to build a valuable connection. I don’t even know half of them and they haven’t bothered to put the right building relationship strategies in first. They just want to bypass all the work to just get the results.

That’s what the 80% do and then they say, this doesn’t work.

If you skip the work, you just won’t get the results. You won’t have gone through the process that eables you to learn and grow and you’ll miss the opportunities.

I’ve had to really close my doors down to helping people becuase my time is taking up with those who just want to treat their business like a hobby, but get paid like a rockstar.

Lacklustre effort brings lacklustre results. It’s not that travel blogging can’t make you money. It’s not that scrapbooking can’t either. Its’ because people decided to create something from their passion and be in the 20% group to make it happen.

ANYONE can be in the 20%, it’s just a decision.

Don’t listen to people who haven’t done it tell you why you can’t, listen to those who have and follow what they do. It’s that simple.

(Warning: Always put your own soul and flair to it, NEVER be a copy cat. It’s very uncool)

Here are some ways to land in the 20% of people who treat it like a business

  1. Invest in courses from experts who are having the success in the area you want
  2. Apply and implement everything they teach you
  3. Get a mentor or coach (you can get me through B-School 😉 )
  4. Reach out and start making the connectons yourself. Building relationships is KEY.
  5. Befriend the sacrifices. You’ve got to let some things go, like bumming-on-the-couch time. Are you willing to work your butt off for 2-3 years so you have finanical security and freedom for the rest of your life? (The 20% will because they understand about future rewards- the 80% are too focused on instant gratification)
Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you a business person or a hobbyist? Or perhaps migrating from one to the other? Please share your tips

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  • Vanessa

    It’s like when you see people who comment on Richard Branson’s Instagram account asking for money for a business idea…It makes me cringe so much! Why would you do it that way? There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to someone on social media but not like that…
    And it’s like when people go “Ok, they made money blogging with sponsored posts, so that’s what I have to do”. Maybe not. Maybe a different method works for you. Try things, analyse it…there’s no right or wrong. There’s timing, skill and hard work.
    I guess I just don’t get why you’d want to be anyone but yourself.


    • Caz Makepeace

      That is a classic!! I’ve never seen that before. It’s crazy how people approach building relationships. It takes a long time before you can ask for the money. He He. There are so many different ways to make money, you just have to try and then see which one you like best. IT’s taken me awhile to figure it out and there’s still things I’m not sure of.


  • Yibba Yabba Mama

    I don’t think I am anything at the moment! But I am okay what that. I am okay with seeing others succeed too, infact it is brilliant when they do! I love seeing what you do, what you share and what you offer. You’ll always be a rock star in my eyes!


  • Johanna

    You two both deserve all the success you have and more. I’ve seen how hard you work, how much you give, and watched sometimes (with some alarm) the occasional dark circles under the eyes on Facebook pics, and understood how hard it must be to hold together not only a working relationship but a happy marriage, children’s education, travel and building a business. Like you say, there are those in the 20% and those in the 80%, but quite honestly you’re in the top 10. Here’s watching you soar 🙂 Go for it!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh thank you Jo! I so appreciate that. The dark circles are a problem. I’m putting in more boundaries lately and starting a detox soon to clear out the clogged inners!!


  • lisa

    Hi Caz, I am taking baby steps at the moment and basically living as an amateur but aiming for the 20% club in my own way. I am in building relationships mode at the moment, I want to do it in an ethical and genuine way so that takes time. I have been working with behind the scenes with a life coach & writing mentor, I just need to get a few wins on the board to build confidence. Congratulations on being a role model for those to aspire to live the dream.


  • Aaron Schubert

    Thanks for writing this. I’ve been reading through the ytravel blog too, and am inspired!


  • Deneal Williamson

    I like how realistic your posts are. I get the feeling that you are grateful for everything you have but you still want the acknowledgement that you have worked your ass off to get it! I have a blog – that is only new. I will acknowledge that it is a hobby, for now. It is also going to change my life though!


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