How to heal your money blocks with an energy healing

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re cursed and no matter how you do everything right, you just can’t seem to make things work the way you want? You’re a good person with so much to offer, but you can’t seem to get off Struggle Street.

This was me and what set me off with My Money Project. I knew there was something a little deeper going on that I needed help with clearing. I first had a chakra re-balancing when I was pregnant with Savannah, and apart from feeling wonderfully refreshed after it, almost immediately saw positive changes.

My business and income took a positive upturn and it happened with each subsequent rebalancing. Plus, it was fun!

So when Melissa, from Pure Energy Therapies heard about my Money Project, she offered to give me a complimentary energy clearing, to which I fully embraced with a Hell Yeah! I was a little unsure though because, due to my nomadic lifestyle, we had to do it over Skype.

How can someone clear your energy over Skype? I was sure Melissa would have to be present.

Well I was wrong. Energy healers can clear from anywhere.

I immediately liked Melissa and developed a lovely rapport with her straight away. Melissa has been a nurse since 97, a cancer nurse for 13 of those years, and she emanated those gentle and kind healing skills. During my 2 year spell in and out of surgery, it was the nurses I felt loved and healed me the most. I have so much respect for the profession.

Once again, I felt safe with Melissa as I shared with her my concerns and fears around money and possibly where they stemmed from.

She was a great listener and had lots of profound insights to share. I love her enthusiasm for helping people clear money blocks so they can embrace the abundance they deserve. I believe that teachers arrive at the right time with the right message and Melissa guided me to a couple of great recommendations.

Mostly, Ask and it shall be given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I downloaded it straight away and consumed it quickly. The practical strategies in this book have been amazing for me in my manifesting. Whenver I am in a funk now, or even a really fantastic mood, I turn to this book to apply the right strategies I need to ramp up my manifesting. I LOVE it.

Melissa also asked me a very important question,

“Caroline, have you just asked for what you want?”

This was quite the wake up and helped me to see, that I haven’t. I ask for many things, but not the actual money I want.

So I’ve been asking a lot more since and I’ve been receiving! (Hello Universe- did you catch the word million?)

(Enter self stabbing thoughts of, Oh my God you are so shallow. People will think you only care about money- devils child)

After our chat, Melissa did a 20 minute healing session with me that was like an intense guided (yet calming) meditation session.

I was so worried I woudn’t be able to connect but it was amazing. I had a strong sense of a whirling, white light moving through me and cleaning out all the deep-seated beliefs that no longer served me.

During the process, I had a couple of strong things come up for me that was very insightful.

One, I possibly don’t ask for monetary amounts because I don’t believe it will happen to me. I realized I never fully extend, or I find ways to subconsciously sabotage myself, because I don’t want to feel the disappointment of being proved once again that I’m not worthy and can’t get what I want.

I think I’m kinda tired of being so complicated!!! LOL

I huge thing that popped up for me during the healing was a sense of guilt that surrounds me when I think about myself receiving so many wonderful things and living my dream life and others not.

I chatted about it with Melissa after and she helped me to understand that abundance is available for everyone and I shouldn’t feel bad that I am embracing it.

Everybody can, and the more I strive forth to do this, the  more I can help others do the same.

I felt as if these limiting beliefs were clearing away as she worked with me.

And just like me previous chakra rebalancings, I felt well-rested, calm and clear after it.

The results: I’m asking more. I’m believing more in my own self worth, I’m receiving more that is in alignment with my worth, and money channels have opened again. I’m very happy.

If you have any blocks in your life, around any particular aspect, I highly recommend treating yourself to an energy clearing. Sometimes you need to call upon those with special healing skills to get down under the hood where these beliefs you aren’t even aware of have latched themselves and get them removed.

If nothing else you will feel like you’ve just awoken from an amazing sleep after it. And that is worth the price of gold on its own!

Melissa is in the final stages of her website, but for now you can connect with her on her Facebook page. Her page is very welcoming, warm and positive. It’s a great place to hang out. Her new website will be up and running in the next few weeks so connect with her now before the world knows who she is.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you had an energy healing before? Please share your experiences.

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