Sacredness Step 4: Just don’t quit + 6 tips to help you stay in the game

This might seem quite self-explanatory, but a lot of people don’t understand that not quitting is the one sure-fire way to succeed. I don’t think outsiders looking into other’s success realize that they also feel like quitting a lot of the time.

We look at the success of others and we try to pass it off as good luck, or them being extra special in some way. They make it look so easy, when in actual fact they are struggling through the challenges and the heavy work loads every day.

The only thing that separates them from those who don’t have the life they love is they haven’t quit.

Writing this post today was inspired by my head hitting the table with the very heavy feeling of I can’t do this anymore. I’m so tired of all the creation, of the constant marketing and trying to be heard. I’m tired of the constant problem solving, the lack of sleep, and the gap between income and effort.

I just want to QUIT.

So why am I writing this post now? Why haven’t I quit?

Because I understand the alternative. What else would I do? Go back to teaching? A greater dread settles in my stomach. (Besides, I can’t. I burned my teaching license to cut off the retreat door). I’d have to look for other jobs, get trained in something else, compete with those smarter than me, have my life defined by someone else, put the girls in daycare and see them only a couple of hours a day, and only get 4 weeks holiday a year.

The only other choice is to win lotto. I’ll keep trying for that, but I know if I did, I’d soon get bored because I wouldn’t feel like I was contributing enough. I like to create, I like to serve.

It goes back to my definition of success

  1. Am I waking up happy?
  2. Am I contributing?

When I work my own business, I can answer yes to both of those. It’s not without problems and daily feelings of wanting to give up. It’s just filled with decisions to keep on moving forward to the dream. The problems would be there whether I’d be working my own business, or working for someone else. You just have to learn how to manage them.

The trick is to

  1. Know why you are creating the life you really love. It has to be a crystal clear vision that powers you through the struggles.
  2. Seal the exit doors. Don’t give yourself an easy way out. 80% of people will quit. By, not quitting you stay in the 20% success pack.
  3. Know what your alternative is. I can’t stress this enough. If it is bleaker than the daily challenges experienced creating the life you love, you won’t quit.
  4. Write it out. Get out your angst, find out what is at the root of your feelings and create solutions.
  5. Turn to others for help. It’s amazing how many people willingly lend an ear or a word of advice if you reach out to them.
  6. Look for the signs keeping you in the game. Without fail, every time I decide to quit, I receive an email from a reader letting me know how much of a difference I have made to their lives. How can you turn your back on that?

Since writing this post several weeks ago, I have wanted to quit about 5 times. I’m still here! These 6 tips are keeping me powering on through and I’m checking off those goals that not too long ago seemed unreachable.

Give yourself and those dreams a chance to succeed.

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Your Turn to Share Tips:

How do you stop yourself from quitting? or has it taken you out of the game early before?

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  • Sarah Blinco

    I’m getting so much out of your posts and insights, Caz. Thanks for taking the time to share all you’ve learned with us 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh that’s so great to know. Thank you Sarah!! I appreciate you jumping out to tell me


  • Rachael

    I needed this today thank you!!


  • Kathy

    Caz – It feels like you are really on a roll and your effort is so obvious. I hope the B-school mentoring goes well. I wish I could join in with you, but I had some coaching last year and felt it was a bit premature for what I could do right now given circumstances. Excuse maybe, but I want to be ready for a big investment when I make it. I’m sure you’ll be a huge help to those who sign on with your support.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh yeah totally. It is a huge investment so you do want to be ready so you can get the most of it. She does it every year and I’ll have a mentoring group again so you might be ready then.


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