My exclusive B-School bonuses- let’s rock this!

The doors to Marie Forleo’s B-School are now opened and I’m inviting you to step into that world where you create the business and life you love.

I remember the hopeful anticipation I had last year when I walked through the B-School doors. I was unsure if I had what it took to apply the expert training Marie offers in the course. But, with my whole inner being shaking, I took the giant leap because I knew if I wanted the dream life I had to do something different.

It was by far the best business investment I’ve ever made. I’ve grown so much as a person and my confidence in myself and the value I can offer has skyrocketed.

I’m so excited to do the course again this year, and to open up the doors for the first time to my own private mentoring group.

My soul (and my guiding angels) are telling me now is the time for me to step into my own power and share all I know to help others discover the same fulfilment with their lives as I do.

Craig and I have written more in-depth about our business and B-School journey over here on y travel today. We share our successes and how B-School has changed our business in so many positive ways.

Marie outlines everything you need to know about the course here, along with the opportunity to take a look inside at the modules and hear from thousands of happy and successful B-Schoolers. There’s so much hype around this program because it works.

B-SChool Bonus: Private mentoring group + more

Enrollment for B-School starts today and closes on March 5th 2014. Marie only opens the door to B-School once a year so if this is the right time for you (and I hope it is), go here now and get started.

If you sign up under my affiliate link (yes I do receive a commission), I’ll include the following bonuses worth $2112, free to you as a way of saying thanks and I’ve got your back.

My B-School mentoring group will be about SUPPORT. It’s about helping you on your journey to creating the business and life you love and making the most out of B-School.

It’s not about overwhelming you with bonus courses and more information. You’ll get all the lessons and expert tips from Marie. I don’t want you to get digital information overload, because that will lead you to not doing anything.

I’m here to help you digest and implement what you learn in the program so you can really see the results you desire.

(+ Craig will also here to share his yang perspective and wisdom. So you get double the fun and support)

If you sign under my affilate link for B-School, you’ll get the following bonuses.

Marie Forleo B School bonuses

BONUS 1: Membership in an exclusive mentoring group

We’ll host a series of mentoring calls where we’ll share our tips and lessons learned as well as answer your questions.

The mentoring calls will be in alignment with Marie’s curriculum so we can give added insight into what worked for us and what didn’t. We can help you avoid the traps and share simple things you can start applying for success.

We’ll be sharing things that worked for us and simple tweaks that changed our business including:

  • Changes to our newsletter content and structure to improve open rates and enthusiasm for each newsletter.
  • Strategies and tactics that are working in our business now.
  • Our visual image strategy and how it brings 100,000+ visitors a month to our site.
  • Our journey from bankrupt to 6 figure business – what the key changers were for us and the BEST decisions we’ve made.
  • The biggest mistakes we’ve made and what we’d do differently.
  • We’ll reveal our top strategies for building quality relationships that help move your business forward – in a fun, non-sleazy, non-desperate way.
  • The process we go through when it comes time to launch our own products and how to avoid the mistakes we made.
  • How Craig and I manage a full-time business, whilst being full-time parents and full-time travellers.

Logistics will be determined after B-School has started and we assess number of participants and needs.

All calls will be recorded, just in case you can’t make the live call.

BONUS 2: Membership in our private Facebook group, “The Dreamer Fools’

What is a Dreamer Fool?

A dreamer intelligent sits on the couch, where it is safe, and keeps dreaming. A dreamer fool goes after the dream where it’s dangerous and dark. They take risks and do things 80% of people won’t so they can fall in the 20% of people who achieve success. They’re the fearless risk takers who believe in their dream enough to know they have what it takes to make it a reality.

Our facebook group, The Dreamer Fools, will be a source of support and help keep you accountable while you go through the program.

We’ll be active throughout B-School sharing our tips, giving you encouragement and cheering you on. PLUS, Craig and I will be doing the course again this year (you get lifetime access to the course) so we’ll have lots of great discussions.

This group will help you get the attention you need. The official B-School Facebook group is HUGE, so sometimes it is hard to be seen and heard. Our smaller group will help you connect with other passionate entrepreneurs on the same journey in a more personal way and form genuine relationships. B-School connections can open many doors.

bschool bonuses

BONUS 3: : Free copy of my upcoming ebook Step into your Sacredness

In this ebook I share the 12 principles, with action steps, for creating the life your soul yearns for.

These are the principles I’ve followed to create my dream life of travel + becoming one of the world’s most successful travel blogs.

It’s a book that builds a foundation under lofty dreams so they become reality. Part empowerment, part spiritual, combined with the magic of the Universe this book shows you how to tap into your own power to create the dreams that lie in your heart.

When you follow these principles, magic arrives.

BONUS 4: Free copy of our travel ebook – How to create the travel life you love

You might not want to travel full-time like we do, but this ebook will give you hundreds of tips and strategies to get free or cheap travel, no matter your travel style.

There’s also a section on saving money – a must for everyone! Dig deep into it when you’re ready to travel (once you get your business firing I’m sure you will be!)


We travel a lot, and we’re really friendly, so if we’re passing by your area, we’d love to meet for a coffee and a chat. (OR, if you dig wine and beer more, we’re happy to support you)

We do not take your decision to join B-School and us lightly. We’re here to encourage, guide and help. It’s what we usually do naturally anyway!

Important Note

To take advantage of these exclusive bonuses, be sure to purchase through My B-School link. So just click on THIS LINK. You will not get access to these bonuses otherwise.

Once you’ve enrolled and I have the information on my end, I will set you up with your bonuses.

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