7 Mum Truths- What’s yours?

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Mum Truths, we all have them.

You know those things we discover once we’ve been thrown in the parenting deep end. If you read my post on why parenting sucks, then you’ll understand a few of mine.

It’s funny the conversations we have with other parents about our mum truths. We laugh at them now a lot of them have passed, like pacing the floor for 3 hours in the middle of the night to get them to sleep, or how they poop all over you just as you’re ready to attend your brother’s wedding.

Others we’re still in the thick of groaning about with our mates: the tantrums, the endless colds picked up from school, and the vast amounts of wine we now tend to consume in our exhausted state when the kids have finally shut their eyes.

No, actually. The real mum truth here is that you can barely get through one glass of wine before your nose is in the glass snoring up the Merlot aromas.

I had a lot of fun creating these Mum truths over at Kidspot.

Memes they’re called. While I’m still getting used to what that actually means, they are a great idea for a giggle and a share. Kidspot have a very simple tool you can use to create your own Mum Truths.

I had to put a ban on myself after the 7th creation. I seriously could have sat there all night. And I am sure I will be back to create more.

Mum truths single parenthood

Otherwise known as hell

mum truths

I’ll sacrifice anything

mum truth baby sleeping


mum truth wine o clock

Wine o clock

mum truth

Let me hide again

mum truths

Ha Ha Whatever

Mum truths power of love

I wouldn’t trade them in for anything


What’s your Mum Truth?

I’d love to hear it. Here’s what you can do now to create your own

1. Head over to  http://mumtruths.kidspot.com.au/ and create your own Mum Truth (it will take you 1 minute.)

2. Then come back here and paste the URL in the comments below so I can have a giggle and share it.

If you create your own you can enter in a competition to win $2,000 or an Ipod mini. See prizes here


P.S It’s all funny when you joke about the smartphone in a Mum Truth, until they actually do break it. Thanks to Savannah for dropping mine on Saturday and smashing the screen rendering it useless. I said I’d sacrifice anything!! A new plan of action is perhaps needed.


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