Loving winter beach days

This weekend we spent at the beach. I’m loving the winter weather we are having.

Wintry days at the beach are always so grounding and calming. There’s barely anyone around, the air is so fresh, the sky so blue and the waves are usually rolling in. I’ve been taking down my B-School work and catching up on some lessons.

It is the perfect office and is really helping for me to tap into my inspired creativity more.

The girls join me and I force them to kick off their shows and soak up some of the earth’s healing electrical power. Craig is not quite ready to become the barefoot papa yet, but he is working on it.

My beach days are certainly helping to rejuvenate my spirit and make my body feel a little healthier.

Surfers at Umina Beach

Time to check out the surf

Umina Beach Central Coast

Umina Beach

Umina Beach (2)

Good surfing session

Wildflowers at Umina Beach


Wintry day at the beach

A quiet day

Wintry day at Umina Beach

Playing with my girls

Umina Beach Central Coast

Building sandcastles

Wintry day at the beach 050

Balancing sand

Savannah Makepeace (2)

Surfing time maybe?

SAvannah Makepeace (1)

Some more sand to eat Mummy

Kalyra Makepeace


Earthing at the beach

Earthing myself

Wintry day at the beach 071

Surfer lost

Wintry day at the beach 043

Fun times

Wintry day at the beach 047

I wonder if the dog will fetch my stick

Wintry day at the beach 077

Who can make the best sand castle?

Wintry day at the beach 079

Surfing time

Wintry day at the beach 080

Just follow me Savannah

Wintry day at the beach 088

Time for lunch

What better place to go then the new Coast Cafe and Markets. They create wholesome, healthy meals.

Coast cafe

They have toys!

Coast Cafe Ettalong (7)

And a market

Coast Cafe Ettalong (4)

and a quiet courtyard

Coast Cafe Ettalong (5)

Yummy veggie burger

Coast Cafe Ettalong (1)

Lots of great choices


Delicious Campos coffee

Coast Cafe Ettalong (6)

To die for roasted veg and quinoa salad

Coast Cafe Ettalong (3)

I wonder which one’s for me

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you love wintry days at the beach?

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  • Kiera @easytravelmom

    Wow, great photos! And so many! We too love the beach. Funny actually, I’m more of a pool person but I love going to the beach in the winter – something about that fresh air as you said the rejuvenates the soul!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s such a special air during the winter time at the beach. I used to do it all the time and I don’t know why I stopped. I’m so glad I’m back doing it. Feels wonderful


  • Val

    The beach is Magic! You are lucky to live so close by! I am starting to earth myself too…thanks for the inspiration, earth mother!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yay Val!! Love how you are earthing. Feels so good. I’m starting to be earthed more than not now. Loving it


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