Are you earthing enough?

Minnamurra Rainforest Kiama (4)

I’m a big fan of hugging trees.

Most people look at me like I am an alien when I explain how good it feels.

“You get this little zinging sensation. Seriously just try it and see what I mean.”

Every afternoon I’d go on my nature walk, I’d spy a tree in the distance oozing charisma and sensuality and I’d race over to wrap myself around it. I’d usually smack it a big kiss farewell.

I didn’t care who was watching and I still don’t on those rare times I get to hug trees.

I’ve been really missing nature lately. High on my to do list is I need to connect with nature more.

I feel the energetic absence of nature quite intensely.

You know that feeling you get when it’s you, the waves lapping, and your bare feet squishing in the soft sand. It feels so electrifying and you always feel rejuvenated afterwards.

A walk on the beach is the best antidote to a hard days work. It releases the stress more than any glass of wine could. It forces you to slip into this zone of comfort, safety and ease. One of the rare moments of the day where you don’t have to look backward or think forward you can just be in perfect harmony and happiness.

Nature gives you so much.

I’ll be writing more about my current state of affairs over the next couple of months. It’s the reason I’ve been absent on here a lot and not delivering my best. I just haven’t had the energy for it. Not only have I been really busy, but I’ve been dealing with some really challenging health issues. I’ve been scared, and exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s been a ride and I’ve been moving from one doctor to the next and one alternative healing practice to the next. I’m making progress, I think. But then ask me in another week and I’ll discover that it was all false hope, so for now let’s focus on the solutions I’m discovering.

Magical Universe always supporting

You know I believe in the magic. I love how the Universe completely supports you on your journey and when you set intentions and make commitments, doors open and messages are delivered in the most unusual ways.

A good friend recently told me this quote.

empowering quote

I always love to be part of the solution. When problems arise for me now, I generally sit and trust that the Universe will bring me the solutions, and it does because it knows that is what I like.

Throughout my challenges, I have had a constantly niggling worry about the effects my high computer usage has on my body. I’m well aware of radiation and what it can do to you.

Last week, I read an article on Sarah Wilson’s site about earthing mats. I’d never heard of them before, but she spoke of it how it is a way to bring us back in contact with the earth and negate the impact of radiation that we are constantly exposed to.

Think about it: it’s not just computers, but TV’s, microwaves, ipads, smartphones, electrical devices. Look around you now. Do you see more electrical life or more plant life? Where are you sitting? Where are your feet? I bet you are so removed from the ground you can barely even see it in the distance?

Are you aware of the damage this is doing to our health?

I wasn’t. Perhaps, deep down I did know, which explains my distress at being disconnected from the earth and my tree hugs. I understood my niggling worries, I knew the Universe was bringing me a solution so I did not hesitate to purchase an earthing mat for my computer to place under my feet.

Delivery is not until this week. But wait, in the meantime more Universal magic has been at work

After a session with Tiffany, my energy healer, she referred me to a Naet Therapist (along with a list of other magical helpers—more on that later). I had never heard of this practice, but she assured me it was fantastic and I trust her and I was willing to try anything.

Naet therapy is a way to rid your body of allergies using kinesiology, acupuncture and energy healing techniques.

I had my first session today.

Naet Therapy leads to Earthing

Her office was in the back of her home in Pearl Beach, a tranquil area surrounded by ocean and bushland. The sun streamed through the window behind her and the gum trees slowly danced. I spied the tree I wanted to run out and embrace.

“Do you get outside much?” Fiona asked.

“No where near like I used to. I’m so busy with work and I’m on the computer a lot, which I worry about. ” I told her about the cramping and the low circulation in my legs which had started the past week—just another symptom in a long line of them.

“You really need to try this.” she handed me a brochure. It was on Barefoot Healing, otherwise known as earthing or grounding.

Getting back to nature.

“OMG. I just brought this earthing mat yesterday for the computer.” She showed me hers. She told me about the earthing sheet she has on her bed and now travels everywhere with.

“It’s the one thing I refuse to live without.”

She gave me a sheet to borrow to see how I felt about it. They aren’t cheap so I wanted to be sure it was for me before I brought it. She also handed me a book called

“Earthing. The most important health discovery ever.”

We began chatting about the concept of earthing.

The Earth is constantly receiving negative electrons via the sun’s radiation and lightning bolts that strike the earth. This is really good for us. When we connect to the earth via our feet- our biggest sensory organ-the energy of the earth is transmitted into our body, which helps our bodies to function optimally and in balance.

You see computers and man-made electrical stuff is always producing positive electrons– you know the buzz word, free radicals. Negative electrons trump positive ones, so when you get zapped up from negative electrons from the Earth it moves into your body and eats up the positive ones, or the bad shit. This reduces our inflammation, which is the cause of pain and many many illnesses.

Don’t worry, there are studies to prove that this is a very real thing. Like mind-blowing case studies. The electrical engineering and physics side of it can get a bit confusing but basically here is why the Earth is so good for us.

WHATTTT? You mean you didn’t know that and I have to convince you?? Smile

The problem of inflammation and the world’s biggest anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is such a growing problem in our society. Inflammation based diseases are rising in scary numbers. It’s a result of our immune systems being overwhelmed by poor diet, physical inactivity, pollution, stress and sterile homes. Investigations have shown that these chronic diseases have soared during a period in which more and more people have been disconnected from the Earth.

The Earth is the biggest anti-inflammatory we have and is readily available for free. Walking barefoot or being in contact with a grounded device when indoors will help reunite you with natural electrical signals from the earth, which restores the body’s internal electrical stability and rhythms, which in turn promotes normal function the body systems.

David Wolfe, an author and speaker on  health and lifestyle, deems the shoe as the world’s most dangerous invention as it has taken us away from our natural connection with the Earth.

Hearing the stories of those who’s symptoms disappeared and health improved simply by walking with the earth again inspired and excited me. I thought back to my life and health conditions. I used to spend a large majority of my day connecting to the earth: lying on it, touching it,walking barefoot. And then I allowed life to get busy and take me away from it and my health started suffering. I always knew deep down this disconnect was making me suffer in so many ways.

I now live on the second story of a house, so I am further off the ground, I barely go outside and if I do I am not barefoot. And I rarely hug trees. This huge change in my life has occurred at the same time as my health challenges—all of which are inflammation involved.

The Earth gives us everything we need

I feel so stupid to forget this. It feels so bizarre that I often find myself having to justify to people why the Earth is so powerful. Why do we feel like drugs, synthetic food, lotions, potions, doctor’s symptom remedies are the things that will cure our illnesses and improve our health? Why are we blatantly ignoring the Earth? It creates and sustains all life and in miraculous ways that can rarely be explained, but operates perfectly.

Yet, we move through our life in oblivion and total disconnect.

I can’t believe how crazy humans can be. I can’t believe how stupid I have been to turn away from the Earth.

Simple events in my life and a sentence spoken by others has returned my focus to the healing power of the earth. I think the Universe has been leading me here through these challenges.  It’s been trying to make me understand the Earth is my protector and guardian and gives me all I need to live a happier and healthy life. And then to share that.

I can’t avoid the lifestyle that modern society gives us, but I can put steps in to protect myself. I’m earthing myself now with my earthing mat and bed sheet. And I’m scheduling in daily dates with the earth, kicking off my shoes and getting grounded. I’m forcing the girls to go barefoot and earthing with me.

I’m now calling us The Barefoot Mama and the Babbas.

barefoot healing

Embracing earthing

I picked up Kalyra from school with new zest and while waiting for the bell, I stood in the warmth of the sun with my shoes off in the field. I’m sure some parents were giving my hippy-self some odd looks, but I don’t care because the earth was singing through my feet.

Kalyra and I went to the crystal store and we picked up some Black tourmaline, a crystal that helps absorb the bad positive electrons from the computer to assist in further protecting you. We formed a grid around the house with them.

That evening, I had a spare 20 minutes so I grabbed the girls and we went outside. I laid on the grass with my feet grounded while they played. The old familiar zinging feeling came back and I thanked the earth for always giving me what I needed and reminding me to stay earthed.

“Just stay connected to me Caroline and you’ll be okay.”

I felt amazing.

While lying there I read a few chapters of the Earthing book.

In it was some wisdom from the American Indians– a philosophy of living I have always admired and been inspired by, largely because of their deep spiritual connection to Mother Nature.

I’ll leave you now with a quote from Ota Kte, Luther Standing bear, a tribal leader of the Lakota Sioux.

quote about the earth

Kick your shoes off and go sit with the earth today and let it heal and cleanse you.

Are you earthing enough?

Note: I will be writing more over the next couple of weeks so stay subscribed so you don’t miss it. I’ll be sharing my miraculous results after just two days of Earthing. It has seriously blown my mind, brought me to tears, and made me so happy and excited. I’ll also share with you just what has been going on for me and all about Naet Therapy and how that is helping to turn my health around.

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  • Donna

    GREAT post Caz and came at the perfect time for me. I haven’t been doing this enough and I REALLY needed to read this to reset my intentions about earthing. I even wrote a guest post last year and talked about earthing (here it is: – I don’t usually spam with articles but I thought you might appreciate it :o) – so thanks for the big kick in the pants. I am going to go outside and work in the sun with my laptop and feet on the grass and will be heading to the beach this afternoon (I keep that up, even in winter as much as I can…well, it is the Sunshine Coast so surely I can manage it!). Thanks! I will look forward to hearing about your health journey too!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Always happy for the sharing of great content Donna. I think walking on the beach and through the water is the best earthing experience. The salt water has higher conductivity. (so i read last night)

      We used to live on the Sunshine Coast it is so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your walk this afternoon and I am more than happy to give kicks up the pants!!


  • Val

    Yes! I love reconnecting with the earth, any form…beach, rainforest even the dusty sands of the outback, it is the only way I can revive myself when I am under intense strain or pressure. I look forward to reading more from you…earth mother!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yes Val! I so love connecting with nature and rainforests are the best. You get the best environments up there in Queensland–lots of earth power


  • Martin Zucker

    You are one terrific writer, Caz. I love your short sentences.
    Enjoyed your post and will share it with the rest of the Earthing Project nucleus.
    Yes indeed, Mother Earth is one super planet with so many beautiful gifts for us living beings. We’ve disconnected ourselves from the natural energy she has there, free for the taking.
    Right there under our nose.
    I look out my window here in Southern California and I see my garden. I laugh because I know something that most people on the planet don’t know….yet. That the Earth out there in my garden and everybody’s garden is MAGIC. The Earth is MAGIC.
    Connect to it and let that magic heal you.
    Holler if you have any questions about Earthing. Let me know how you’re doing.
    Best wishes
    Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post Martin. It is so lovely to meet you and thank you for all the work you are doing to make people more aware of this. I am almost finished the book and loving it. Today I spent an hour on the beach with my feet in the sand, I felt so much better after it. I’m loving reconnecting with the earth again and improving my health. I’m excited to continue to share this journey with my readers.


  • Rachel (sesame ellis)

    This is awesome. I have always felt that my kids don’t get outside to play enough…I don’t just mean out side the doors, but playing on the ground. I was a very connected kid and I don’t like that two of my kids don’t like getting dirty. I now take the Barbie caravan outside and Clover loves to actually have her Barbies camp in the bushes of our back garden. It is a nice compromise. Then again, she is the one of my three who would bathe in dirt if she could!


    • Caz Makepeace

      I know! It’s so bad when you stop and think about how we rarely ever touch the earth, and it’s so stupid too! I’m loving reconnecting. The girls are really embracing it too.


  • Tim

    Very inspiring post.
    Thank you Caz!


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