A visit to a healer and I’m going gluten free

I’ve been considering it for several months now, and to be honest I don’t have a lot of gluten in my diet.

I remember days living in Thailand where I felt so light, healthy and fart-free. So was Craig, which was a complete blessing.

We put it down to the fact that Thais don’t eat bread, aka wheat. Nor do they eat dairy.

Hmmm. Explains a lot.

gluten intolerance

Over Christmas, the health issues that I was having last year flared up again–the week after the doc told me all was good. Guess those 4 surgeries didn’t work then? On Christmas Day I began stressing that I would end up in the hospital again and that feisty determination of mine arose to not let that happen.

I spoke with my younger sis who is gluten-intolerant and she told me all the horrible things that happen because of it. I was convinced it was my problem and became determined to quit it.

It had never really effected me before; it hadn’t effected her either, until a few months ago. That’s what happens, she says. Your body reaches a point when it can no longer cope and starts to reject it. We were never meant to eat gluten.

My body has reached rejection point.

Obviously during the Christmas period, I was drinking more and eating richer foods, wheat was way more prevalent than usual, as was dairy. (I had an intolerance to milk when I was a wee baby!)

I woke up on Boxing Day and my stomach was bloated, like nothing I have ever experienced before. It felt like a basketball was sitting inside of it. I was so uncomfortable and full of wind (excuse me tmi) I could also feel my food travelling from my mouth to my stomach. I started to freak out.

It was so hideous and I vowed never to feel like that again.

Screw the doctor, I was not going back to visit them so they could work on fixing the symptoms with drugs and the knife. I wanted cause remedies.

I phoned my energy healer, who doubles as a naturopath and the next day I was telling her all my health issues.

I LOVE Tiffany!!

I don’t think I’ll ever see another doctor again, and I could rant about how ineffective they really can be in helping people maintain wellness. She looked at all the conditions surrounding me including: diet, sleep, metaphysical causes, emotional and mental well-being and her own intuition. From that she was able to pull together a herbal tincture for me and some slippery elm powder which begins healing from the mouth out the other end as soon as you drink it.

I loved how she had me choose 5 cards from the Australian bush flower pack and then she chose 2. She placed the oil of these in my tincture to give me what my soul needed for replenishment and restoration.

Australian bushflower essence

And then I had an energy healing session. I felt amazing after it and so much less afraid.

She suggested I cut back on the wheat and dairy to allow my body time to cleanse and heal. I’m loving this new way of eating.

Gluten seems to be in so much more than you realize though so I have to be a little creative. If you can point me in any particular direction with good recipes, I’d love it. I’m trying to introduce the same diet to the girls– which is really challenging.

It’s been nearly a week now and I am feeling so much better already. I have decided my first port of call when sick will be a healer, not a doctor. Someone who looks after the whole self and digs deep to discover the bigger picture and how we can remedy all the things that impact upon your health in a way that is specific to you.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you visit naturopaths and energy healers? Do you have an gluten free resources to share?

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  • Crazy sexy fun traveler

    Gluten doesn’t really do anything to me but been thinking of going gluten-free too. But I don’t think I could do it while in Slovakia as bread is just everywhere!


    • Caz Makepeace

      The bread is so hard to give up. It’s so convenient. I just have to move back to Thialand so I have so many other options


  • Alyson

    That’s so interesting! I can, or could, always feel my food moving around, I thought it was normal. I’ve just noticed that I haven’t been able to lately, I’ve gone back to being vegetarian and I’m dabbling with Paleo. No gluten, not dairy, only sheep’s cheese and natural yoghurt. I’ll keep monitoring myself and see what happens! What I’ve really noticed is that I don’t feel so tired that I need a nap after lunch, and then wake up with a sugar craving, that was the pattern every day, I was starting to think I was diabetic. Weight is coming off slowly, too, as it always does when we travel and have a non-western diet. Cheers Caz!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Wow! IT must have been connected to the gluten.. It’s really like a poison isn’t it? I really love a non-western diet. I get so upset when I see Asians eating MacDonalds, I feel responsible for destroying their good practices


  • budget jan

    The Fountain Brand of Soy Sauce claims it is Gluten Free on the Label. My friend and brother are Gluten Intolerant and they don’t have problems when eating it. I find it quite easy to adjust recipes.
    I find if I chop a handful of dates and cover them with boiling water, then drain most, but not all of the water off and mush them up, then add to a chocolate slice (made with G.F. flour), the mixture will hang together better and not crumble which is a major problem when baking without gluten. Xanthan Gum is recommended for this purpose but I have not tried it.
    You probably have a few more options when eating out than we do in N.Q. I notice the Sunshine Coast is totally into G.F. options. Gluten intolerance does run in families. My brother is 5 years older than me and although I am fine so far it is possible that I will suffer from it at some stage in the future.
    Interestingly both friend and brother never suffer symptoms when eating in Asia, where soy sauce if prevalent. Maybe theirs is G.F.?


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thanks for this helpful advice! I’m hoping the soy sauce is gluten free in Asia. Great to know they did not suffer. Looking back I can say I never felt gluten symptoms when eating there (now I know what they are)
      We used the brand of soy sauce yesterday and all went well. Love the date idea. Will have to try it!


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