One of my deepest desires has arrived

For months now,  I’ve been holding my hands together, pressed to my chest, asking for this desire.

The clock was ticking and I had no way of knowing how I was to make it happen. But I kept desiring.

Kalyra starts school in February and I wanted our family to go to Thailand before that happened.

Of course Universal magic always knows the right way.

Craig and I were invited to go to Thailand in February with Thailand Tourism on the same Friendship to Friend trip I attended last year. It was 10 days, happening 2 weeks after Kalyra started school, and the girls couldn’t go. Bad timing, 10 days is too long for us to both be away from them.

Our hearts sunk a little.

And then I did what I have learned the past few years. Just ask.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

“Craig, what if we asked that instead of you and I going in Feb on the tour, we take the family with us in Jan. It will work better for our readers anyway, as they’ll see us as a family doing what we enjoy together in Thailand–a popular destination for our readers.”

“We can only ask.”

We did. They loved the idea.

Ayutthaya Thailand

My spiritual home of peace

We’re going to Thailand. For two weeks. I’m taking my girls to my spiritual home.

I am bursting with joy and excitement.

I can’t wait to introduce the girls to the joy of eating street food. Kalyra and I are already talking about fruit smoothies, and relishing sticky rice and mango together.

I’m excited for them to visit a temple, sit in front of Buddha, and learn about respect for others, regardless of what they believe. I can’t wait to play on the sand of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Breakfast on Thailand beach

How breakfast should be enjoyed. Hello Thailand

I can’t wait for the girls to meet Jintina, Ton and Witiya– our Thai family, who have loved the girls from afar since they were born. They can finally hold them in their arms.

Oh and I can’t wait to have a run of decent hot weather for a change!! and of course Thai massages!!

We are leaving on the 10th of January and will have 4 days in Bangkok, followed by 10 in Phuket. I’m worried I won’t come home. (Several weeks ago Kalyra’s childcare asked when her last day would be. I had no idea, but knew a little earlier than the start of Kindy as I wanted to spend quality time with her. Not being able to  think on the spot I said Jan 10th. Magic was already working!)

We are partnering with Tourism Thailand. they will be sponsoring some parts of the trip, while we’ll be taking care of others. Of course you can follow the journey over on y travel blog. Bits and pieces will be on this blog and my social channels too.

Oh and P.S Don’t forget to dream your dream and then ASK for it!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you taken children to Thailand before? Any tips?

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  • Alyson

    That’s great! Yes, we took ours to Thailand this time last year, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Koh Samet and Hua Hin. It was great, we’ll be going back again soon. It’s all in the blog under Thailand.


    • Caz Makepeace

      We have not yet been to Koh Samet, but used to often go to Hua Hin for weekend getaways when we lived in Bangkok. It’s a great place


  • Ian [EagerExistence]

    A real lesson there… “just ask”. I really loved Thailand, but haven’t been since 2008. Enjoy!


    • Caz Makepeace

      You’ll be amazed at how many yeses you get when you just ask!


  • Vanessa

    Thailand looks amazing! I’d love to go there for cooking lessons.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh it is so wonderful. I love learning how to cook Thai food- but love eating it more.


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