My two year cycle

Lately, I’ve felt really antsy.

There’s a persistent itch I can’t find to scratch. I walk around in circles confused about where to turn, and I am questioning everything.

Intense boredom has set in, signalling the need for a change.

It hit me last weekend as we were driving home from The Entrance, a beach on the Central Coast. It’s pristine waters reflecting under a stunning summer day, did little to inspire me.

“I need a change Craig. I’m bored and ready for a new adventure.”

And as soon as I uttered the words, “We’ve been here too long,” I understood what my problem was.

Crystal Castle meditative labyrinth

Spinning around

The two-year cycle I have lived since 1997.

I live two years of sameness, which is then broken by a new experience–usually involving an international move. The two years has been interrupted with spouts of travel in between.

Two years London; 2 years Australia; 2 years Asia, UK, Africa; 2 years US; 2 years Australia; 2 years US; 2 years Australia

Which leads us to here.

It’s now been a couple of months over the 2 years, which explains my angst.

“What? Do you think you can keep moving every two years for the rest of your life?” Craig asked

“No. Yes. Maybe I was just born to be an eternal nomad. I don’t know, but I’m yearning for a change. Whether it’s our own house somewhere in Oz, or somewhere overseas, the change is coming.”

It’s written in my stars that way. Why change a good thing?

I don’t know what it will be, but I can feel it in the air.

I’ma excited.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you noticed any cyclical patterns in your life like this?

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  • budget jan

    I have not noticed any cycles, but I am eagerly awaiting when B.H. finishes work in approximately two years. We hope to fulfil lots of changes and try different things then. I feel like I am treading water, even though the water is just the right temperature to enable me to keep on treading.

    I wonder what your next change will be. I love it when change is in the air, whether it be the imperceptible freshness of the mornings that hint at winter, or the smell of rain, or a change of environment, it makes you tingle with anticipation.


    • Caz Makepeace

      “I love it when change is in the air, whether it be the imperceptible freshness of the mornings that hint at winter, or the smell of rain, or a change of environment, it makes you tingle with anticipation.”
      Just beautiful Jan!


  • Tash

    Ohhh, I get that itch too, when I have been in a place too long….maybe some of us just have that!
    Love that feeling that something big is on it’s way – exciting stuff!


    • Caz Makepeace

      I hope it’s exciting! And I hope it does mean a change is coming– I need it


  • Forest Parks

    I seem to have an itch that is somewhere around 2 years too! Did 2 years in Montreal, 2 in Egypt and only going to do a year in New Zealand but that’s due to Visas! Still, two years is about right.

    So, where to next?


  • lissie

    Story of my life – every 2 or so years I needed to move on: Australia/Papua New Guinea/Australia/Canada/UK/NZ/South America.

    It’s one of the significant reasons why I never had kids, they’d tie me down.

    Finally I inherited a dog and bought a house and got a long-term partner. Which meant I’ve been based in NZ for nearly (gulp) 20 years, except for 2 years in Australia. I can just about handle it so long as I travel twice a year preferably for at least a month at a time. The dog died a while back and I won’t have another one, because once I persuade my partner to retire I’d like to travel full-time – unfortunately due to NZ stupid pension laws we need to spend 6 months + 1 day a year at “home”.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh no! Those laws suck. I hope you can persuade your partner. I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through these cycles! I think as long as travel is there somewhere you can make it through with a smile


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