Wine Tours & Tastings: Great Date Ideas

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Hunter Valley gardens

Perfect setting for a date

The perfect date involves good food, fun activities, a beautiful backdrop, and free-flowing wine for tasting.

Wineries and bars across the world offer full wine tours and tastings, covering all the essentials of the perfect date, from the food and drink to the romantic landscape and memorable activities.

Look up local events in your area, or travel to a world-famous winemaking region for a weekend getaway – whichever route you take, your next date is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Wineries that provide tours of the facilities will usually offer a variety of educational experiences and enjoyable activities for you and your date. A typical visit will include a tour of the vineyard and winemaking facilities, followed by samplings in the winery’s tasting room.

Staff members will teach you about the history of the winery and how they produce their wines. Q and A opportunities are usually presented for you to gain more information about different vintages and production techniques.

The tasting portion of your tour includes one-ounce samples of the vineyard’s choice selections. Most locations begin with samples of their whites, then move on to their reds and dessert wines.

In between each tasting, you will typically receive bread or crackers to cleanse the palate and soak up some of the alcohol. Tasting rooms also offer coffee beans for you to sniff, so that you can identify the different aromas of each wine without the previous scents interfering.

Whether your date is casual or formal, there are some etiquette rules to follow when tasting wine. Go light on the perfume or cologne to avoid contaminating the aromas of the vintages.

Only ask for second tastings of particular wines if you are trying to make a purchasing decision. If the wine tasting is free of charge, it is usually good form to purchase a bottle or two at the end of the event. Room-tasting hosts are generally friendly and will answer any questions you have about the proper way to taste wines.

Wine tours and tastings range from structured, formal events to casual outings with your date. You may be offered a full meal that complements the winery’s vintages, and you can choose to stay in a bed-and-breakfast-type establishment to experience everything the facility has to offer. Some locations offer bicycle rides through the vineyard and picnic lunches with scenic backdrops.

If you are looking for a simple evening event, search for local restaurants and wine bars that offer tastings. You and your date can enjoy a nice dinner followed by samplings of unique wines from the establishment’s collection.

Another option is to choose a couple locations and plan an entire day of wine tastings for your date. Visit a quick tour in the morning, and purchase your favorite bottle to enjoy with a picnic lunch. Afterwards, you and your date can visit the second location for more sampling and wine-related activities.

Be sure to keep tasting notes during the experience, to document the different flavors, aromas and structures of each wine you taste. You will have plenty to talk about from the information you gain, and the alcohol takes a little edge off the anxiety of dating, while providing you with a feel-good buzz.

With every aspect of the experience pre-planned before you arrive, it’s no wonder wine tours and tastings are some of the most popular ideas when planning the perfect date.

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  • tina

    When I first started dating my hubby, back when he was still wooing me with grand romantic gestures (I miss those days!) he took me to a wine tour/tasting in Southern California that is still one of my favorite memories. I was shy, he was a bit awkward, but the combination of the absolutely gorgeous backdrop, the lovey-dovey activities (a picnic, a bicycle ride, and a bottle of wine to take home with us!), and the secluded area away from the hustle-and-bustle really made for the perfect date. Oh, and of course, the flowing wine really helped to move the conversation along! By the time we left, we were red-faced, giggling, and grinning from ear to ear. I’ll have to remind him about that date, maybe give him a little nudge that our anniversary is coming up so we can visit another vineyard and get that first-date buzz going again!


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