Gratitude and happiness

Our new You Tube layout

Our designer rocked it again with our new You Tube design. You can check it out here. Don’t forget to hit subscribe while you are there.

Feet in the sand

I’m dedicating at least 30 mins a day to put my feet on the earth. I’m doing my best to make that at the beach. I’m loving reconnecting to the stillness and perfection of nature

Rosehip Oil

I’ve heard the buzz about it for ages, and only have just decided to try it. Really how good can it be? Fantastic. I could not believe how happy and vibrant my face felt after putting it on. It is my newest addiction. If you have Go Vita Health store near you then watch for their monthly mag, they usually have a coupon to get a free moisturizer when you buy the oil. I used it to get mine. Loving the combo and the savings.

Earthing by Clint Ober, Steve Sinatra, and Martin Zucker

I’m loving this book at the moment. I’m learning so much about the power of the Earth and it is helping me feel better. Click here to see more

Girlfriend catch up over dinner in Saigon

the newest restaurant in our town should be the perfect spot for old girlfriend chats over wine and a bowl of steaming pho! I’ll let you know how it goes. Instagram feed will probably show some photos tonight.

Wintry day at the beach

Earthing at the beach

Silica, aka fossil shell powder

My Naet therapist recommended I go eat some fossil shell powder. Miracle worker for your health. So I got me a big ol bag of silica powder and I’m drinking the earth every morning. Only two days in and my nails are slightly stronger. It was only $23 for a huge bag which will probably last months. I’m excited to see the results.

y travel meet up

We’ve been wanting to start these fora  long time. We’re holding our first travel meet up next Saturday in Surry Hills. If you are around and want to catch up in person, we’ll be at the Royal Exhibition Hotel chewing the travel fat. Click here for details

Gwinganna Retreat

Yay!! I’m going to Gwinganna. It’s only for a day, but I am going. I’ve been craving a visit there for some time now and the Universe delivered. Heading there in September. I’m not sure I’ll leave.

Song of the week: Resolution by Matt corby

What I am reading:

21 things you need to know about self publishing by Copyblogger

Immune boosting purple smoothie from Veggie Mama– disguise the spinach! Great idea

Tips to save on your food bill Mammoth helpful post by Nic from Planning with Kids

Eye to eye with a lioness by Brendan’s Adventures I miss seeing these beautiful creatures in Africa

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  • veggie mama

    hey thanks for sharing, dude! Will see you at Gwinganna x


  • Kathy -

    Hey Caz – good news on the Gwinganna visit. I had a two day yoga retreat up at Springbrook last weekend – it was fantastic, great yoga and meditation, crystal healing bowls, fab vegetarian food and the rainforest is so beautiful. Accommodation, rather basic! I’m feel grateful in the aftermath of my retreat, plus I squeezed in a 3 hr yoga workshop yesterday! And I’m grateful for my 100th post this week – there’s a giveaway and I’d love if you could share!!….kathy


  • PlanningQueen

    Love the top photo of Kalyra! You Tube Channel looks very professional too. Thanks for sharing my post Caz! xx


    • Caz Makepeace

      no worries! I just shopped at Aldi and saved heaps.Loved the price of the gluten free bread and the eggplants!!


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