Sometimes there are good reasons to break the eating rules

I have really changed my eating habits this year. I’m not really into diets as I find them restrictive and too short-term.

What happens when the diet finishes? You go crazy eating all the things it said you shouldn’t and then you pile the weight back on and more.

The better plan is to make lifestyle changes.

My lifestyle eating changes this year have been to

  1. Eat very little pasta
  2. Try to eat gluten free as much as I can
  3. Cut right back on sugar
  4. Replace dairy with soy products
  5. Introduce more raw food into my diet
  6. No more than one cup of coffee a day and unlimited green tea.
  7. Have a cleansing day every now and then when I just have green juices and smoothies

My only hassles with implementing these is when I am eating out, which happens a lot. I’ve pretty much eliminated all of these from my home environment and all is going well.

Setting myself up a lifestyle chage like this means that I can now often break those rules and not feel guilty about it and not have it do any damage.

Eating like this has left room in my life for special treats.

Sometimes you have to break the rules to enjoy the really good stuff (the funny thing is that I rarely even crave or want the “good” stuff now preferring the healthy stuff instead.)

I broke the rules at our recent lunch at Dunes, Palm Beach.

Can you see why?

Lobster and calamari pasta

Lobster and calamari pasta

It was a creamy sauce and it was pasta.

Lobster and calamari with taglatelle pasta and coconut and lime butter. Breaking every bloody rule. But geez was it delicious.

The sweetness of the lobster perfectly balanced the creamy sauce and the bursts of lime, chili and coconut were simply divine.

I felt so happy after it and I did not feel full or bloated.

I walked away not desiring to break the lifestyle changes from now on and just pig out on “good” food, but to really savour the treat and happily move back into my healthy food choices.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What would you break the eating rules to chow on?

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