The one lie I’d like to get rid of

There’s something about me that tells a lie.

Every day and its done so for years. I could blame my mother. I really could. She has probably blamed hers too.

I hate looking in the mirror every morning and seeing the lie staring back. Round and round it goes getting darker and darker with each new day.

Nothing I can do can get rid of it.

I tell it what a liar I think it is.

Why are you still here? You don’t speak the truth about me?  How can I get rid of you for good?

lying eyes

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I’ve followed the hype and been fooled by the promises. Still, it continues to linger and lie to the world about me.

“You look tired. Are you not sleeping well?”

Sometimes this is true, but rarely.

“No I have always had dark circles. It’s my mother’s genes.”

My dark circles, or bags, lie constantly about me.

They say I’m tired, old and haggard.

This is untrue.

Once my body is awake it explodes with energy and I attack the day.

My spirit is full of vibrancy, joy and hope so why do these bags continue to tell the world a different story.

It’s the one thing Id’ change about me.

I’ve tried serum, sleep, water, lotions and potions, but they persist in hanging around.

The worst lie I’ve ever met.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Any tips on how to get rid of this dark, circular lie?

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  • Beth Hardy

    I totally relate…I was born with dark circles (thanks, Dad) and have tried everything in the book. Of course they get worse if I am tired, sad, etc., but they are ALWAYS there. I feel ya!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Feel your pain girl, although I never noticed them on you. I just read yesterday that almond oil or rosewater oil rubbed onto them is the magic trick!! We’ll see


  • budget jan

    Reading this made me smile – yes. Why? Because I was at the beauty counter recently to buy a new foundation – an uncommon occurrence for me. The assistant looked at my dark rings and said Do you drink lots of water? Yes heaps – I am actually a water addict. And she continued, “How much alcohol do you drink”? Excuse me? A tad rude I thought, but anyway my answer was “Not much”. Humph she said dissapprovingly. I left the shop amazed – and I still have the dark rings I have had all my life, and so does my Mum.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I think we need to wear signs around our neck to explain that it’s a genetic thing! Wish I could find a solution for it though. Funny a paragraph on something grabbed my attention yesterday and it said to rub rosewater or almond oil under your eyes! Might try it


  • Belinda

    My suggestion is to really watch what you. Remove processed foods from your diet (ie. cheese sticks 😉 ). Also maybe see a naturopath or herbalist. Hope this is useful for you.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Very helpful. I think I might go see a naturopath. I’ve always wanted to. I hear ya on the cheese sticks!! I don’t eat a lot of processed foods but those can hurt. I have stopped buying them for now!


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