Mojo Magic tips: Change your perspective and see the colour bursts

I was playing with Savannah on the garden path.

She was running and I crouched down to collect her in a gigantic bear hug.

Suddenly I became immersed in a forest of flowers. The rose bushes, which usually go unnoticed when I glide past (unless the thorns grab my attention), now towered above me.

Vibrant red, pink, orange and yellow blossoms embraced me.

No wonder Savannah wears a smile as bright as the sun each time she ventures down that path.

There are so many things going by unnoticed in our lives because we are looking at them from the wrong angle.

change your perspective

A whole new world

The stories, the solutions are all there waiting for you to crouch down a little, or stand on tippy toes, or upside down even.

Try it in your literal world for a while.

Grab your camera, frame up a shot and take photos from multiple different angles. You’ll soon see the difference a simple change of perspective makes.

Once you can clearly see how this works, apply it to your figurative world and start making some serious and positive changes.

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Do you change your perspective to solve a problem or see a new world?

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  • Kathy

    Yes – and a lovely garden too!


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