Sharing my opinions on Education and life learning

I spend the majority of my time writing on the web about travel.

My greatest passion.

Writing about travel has enabled me to give up the other hat I used to wear as a teacher. I didn’t really like that hat, not because I don’t like teaching, but because I did not feel I was being effective and going through those motions every day is soul sucking.

I love education. I love learning. I love helping others to be the best they can be, especially children.

I love empowering children and helping them to explore and live their dreams. I felt schools didn’t do a great job of these things.

I am really happy to be writing about education and life learning on Kidspot’s Village Voices once a week.

education and life learning

I’ll be talking more about creating life opportunities for your child and helping them to learn everyday, whatever that learning environment.

The best one I think is the world outside of school. I travel so much with the girls because I believe it teaches them so much.

I will be touching on a few school related topics, like How to have an effective and happy relationship with your child’s teacher?

I would love for you to join me over there.

My first post has already been published, Teach your children to master fear.”

We all know how much fear can kill our dreams and our desire to be more. Start from a young age to show them how fear does not have to be something that you run from. (Click the link above to read more!)

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  • Lisa Wood

    we have seen within our own family that “Life Education” can teach children way more than school based education.. Our Son Zachery has now completed year 10 via correspondence in less than five months. Its a 12 month course, but you can do each subject in your own time. He flew through the work – not because he thought it was interesting (he has already completed most of the work through homeschooling) but because he wanted it completed and out of the way.
    Next year he will be doing year 11 and year 12 through Tafe. Its a 8 month course. If he was able to speed up he could easily finish it half the time.
    We have two more in school, and one we are homeschoooling. Our homeschooling LOVES learning, while our 10 year old (who is in year 5) says school is boring. It makes sense to teach what they love, as they learn more and take more in 🙂
    Our year 8 high school student goes but its more for the social scene!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you for sharing Lisa. I love to hear your story of how you have made education work for your boys so that they are pursuing their interests and loving education. Breaks my heart to hear children say how boring school is, but I do not blame them at all. I think schools are failing in so many ways. Too much irrelevant stuff they have to sit through. Education can be such a joyful process.


  • Kate - Canuckiwikate

    What an awesome opportunity, Caz! I will definitely be reading along, I really enjoy your honest perspective and positive outlook on life; I share the same sentiments towards education! I’m hoping to teach my way around the world from now on 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you Kate! It’s nice to be able to write about other topics that I really enjoy. Yes- teach around the world, it is the best way to get experience and have so much fun!


  • Maxabella

    It’s a terrific post and we are lucky to have you, Caz. x


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