Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate – A global party

Let's Celebrate Disney on Ice

Let’s Celebrate Disney on Ice

I knew that I was enjoying the show when I fond myself bopping and singing when Kalyra wasn’t even sitting next to me. She had moved down the end of the row to sit with her friend Billy.

And I was all alone and the “Dig a little deeper” beat kept moving through me.

Princess and the Frog Disney on Ice

Dig a little deeper

It’s Princess and the Frog – the upbeat jazz music of New Orleans. Without a doubt my favourite Disney movie. I could watch it over and over, and I was bitterly disappointed when Kalyra decided that the Voodoo man now terrified her and she would not watch it anymore opting for The Wiggles instead.

It’s pizzazz I want. Wow factor, half-naked men with chests you just can’t take your eyes off dancing around on skates.

Who ever said Disey on Ice is just for the kids?

The Mummas in the crowd were happy yesterday at the opening event in Sydney when surfer hunk David from Lilo and Stitch skated on out.

Disney on Ice Let's Celebrate

David in the Ring of Fire

Lilo and Stitch David

We all went as a big extended family to Disney on Ice last year. I enjoyed the spectacular, but more for Kalyra’s sake than anything. I wasn’t bowled over by it, (except for the Lion King section which I’m always bowled over by).

Disney on Ice wowed me this year. My best friend, Bec, and I walked out of there with a hop in our step like we did walking out from the Lenny Kravitz concert nearly 20 years ago. (btw We touched Lenny at that concert!)

“Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate” is all about the PARTY. Mickey and Minnie take you on a journey around the world discovering love and celebration.

They celebrate in the Hawaiian Luau fashion with Lilo and Stitch (and Dave – flutters eyelashes), Japanese tea ceremony, Brazilian Carnivale, a Chinese dragon festival, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a Merry unbirthday with Alice and the Mad hatter, and a winter wonderland with Woody and the toy gang. Minnie sets out to discover what love means and we learn it through the stories of the Princesses, whose skating routines steal the show. (How the hell do they do it?)

I was overjoyed to see some strong female princesses like Princess Tiana and Jasmine, and really think that Rapunzel needs to be added to the line up of women that kick ass.

And I loved the Halloween segment when all the Disney villains come out to party. Kalyra wasn’t even scared and could shout out all the names of the villains and screamed loud in warning for Mickey not to eat the poisoned apple.

Princess and the Frog Prince

Frog love

Alladin and Jasmin

Magic love

Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony

Disney Villians

Disney Villians

Captain Hook disney on ice

Is there a crocodile around?

Toy Story

Toy Story

Disney on Ice Let's Celebrate

Let’s Celebrate

Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate has an upbeat party atmosphere. It was a great way to spend a few hours with Kalyra and some good friends. I’d even be happy to go and watch it again.

We finished the show with a trip to the VIP rooms to meet Mickey and Minnie and make my little girl’s dreams come true.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Happy girls

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