Gratitude and happiness list – nature, brokenhearted, Brave, Disney on Ice

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Sometimes life just doesn’t stop rolling out the punches.

I’ve spent a lot of time ducking and weaving lately.

But, I’m still smiling because I can choose to be happy even when my life is shitty.

 Gratitude and Happiness List

Disney on Ice

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with my daughter and best friend and her boy at the Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate spectacular. It’s always great to catch up with Bec and the show was just awesome.

Finding my peace

My world was rocked last weekend and I felt quite unsure and afraid. I did the only thing I could think of to help me get some clarity and that was to take a walk along the beach like I did when I was a child. It’s amazing how nature can strip away all those emotions that cloud your judgement and give you clarity about what you need to do. I felt peaceful after my walk and knew what it was I had to do to make things better.

Song of the week: Broken hearted Karmin

This is such a fun and funky song. Makes me want to dance!


Kalyra and I had a Mummy-daughter date at the movies watching Brave. What a great movie for young girls to watch. Merida was such a strong character, exactly who I want my daughter to be. I also loved the story of the Merida and her mother’s relationship and the love and strong bond that shone through. When the mother became the fierce protective Mumma bear at the end I felt I knew exactly who she was.

Empowering quote

“Our fate lies within us. We only have to be brave enough to see it.”  Merida from the movie Brave

Reaching my target weight

I have finally reached my target weight after trying for many many months. Well actually it’s years as I’ve not been this weight since 2004!! My eating choices have changed dramatically. I rarely get any cravings for junk food, I’m no longer overeating, I’m satisified and am just not interested in eating anything that is not nutritionally dense.

Giveaway winners

I’m so happy that lately I’ve had a lot of giveaways and been able to give some readers some cool prizes. The giveaways take a lot of time for me to run and sometimes I consider not doing them anymore, but when I see the joy they give to others it motivates me to continue make giving back a big part of what I do. So stay subscribed and connected as there are more to come. (Check out y travel blog on Monday for an extra special Carnival Spirit launch party giveaway)

Congrats to Lisa Wood and Cathy Russell for winning the HotelClub giveaway.

Rachel Ditchburn for winning the Ice Age 4 movie tickets and Melinda  for winning the Puppy playhouse giveaway.

Blog posts

Notes from the Universe: What’s next? I love how Christine arrived at the answer as to where she should go and what she should do next. It’s all about tapping into the magic

The incredible unquenchable soul eating  I love this post from Kristen about allowing others to occupy your energy space. I especially love how she described how she was bending backwards out of her body to allow for someone else’s energy to rule her body and mind. As I always say “Don’t let others rent space in your head!” So beauitfully written.

A QT weekend I do have a little secret blogging crush on Rachel- her space is so vibrant and happy and stylish!. I love her wrap up and photos of her stay at the QT hotel on the Gold Coast. We actually ate at the Bazaar restaurant on our last stay on the Golide. And guess who organized it for us? Rachel works for Gold Coast Tourism and arranged it for us!! Which is how I, thankfully, discovered her blog.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's on your gratitude and happiness list for the week?

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  • Wanderlust

    Wow, thank you Caz. And congrats on hitting your target weight. My goal is to get to a point where I’m craving nutriment dense food. It’s a goal!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yes! It is actually a lot easier than I thought. Take a couple of days to go hard core and give up sugar, dairy and (about 80% wheat) It’s a struggle but you’ll quickly notice how your body will no longer crave that stuff. And you know that if you eat really well the majority of the time then it is okay to have treats, really enjoy them and not feel guilty about it.


      • Wanderlust

        I reached that point a while ago, at the beginning of the year. Then I was laid off and things amped up with the criminal case, so all that went out the window. But I know I’ll get back there. It’s inspiring to see others doing it successfully. Thaks for sharing. x


  • PlanningQueen

    Hope you are doing ok CAz.

    “just not interested in eating anything that is not nutritionally dense.” – wish I was at this spot!


    • Caz Makepeace

      All good Nic! Just a wild few days but I ranted and raved and got it out of my system so now I can move forward. My only problem with my new way of eating is that now I enjoy gin and toic far too much!! Few calories but also few nutrients 🙁


  • Christine

    Thanks so much for mentioning me–so glad you enjoyed the piece! Sounds like you had a brilliant week, so awesome with all the healthy lifestyle changes you’ve been making 🙂


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