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The mojo toolbox includes several free resources to help you put the mojo back into your life and achieve your dreams. In becoming a subscriber you will receive the following:

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Mojito Mother Newsletter and Free Ebook

The Mojito Mother newsletter is a more personal form of communication from me delivered to your inbox once or twice a month, depending on what suits your needs.


The newsletter will be focused on providing you with

  • more personal updates of my life and breaking news
  • any personal recommendations I may have for empowering products or websites
  • Tips and strategies on how to put the Mojo back into your life, and an extension of the ideas discussed in my free ebook.


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My FREE exciting monthly NEWSLETTER and ebook

The Free Ebook: Living an Empowered Life through Travel: 20 lessons travel taught me about life

Free ebook If you are a regular reader of Mojito Mother, you will know by now that I love to travel and have spent many years travelling and living around the world. My travel experiences were a huge process of discovery for me. Through them I learned a lot about myself and life. I share the most important lessons in this ebook.

What You Will Find Inside:

Within this 65 page free ebook, I have selected 20 lessons about life that travel taught me. These lessons I have categorized according to the four relationship areas of our life:

  • Relationships to Others
  • Relationships to the Earth
  • Relationships to Self
  • Relationships to Life

Truths that relate to these four areas include lessons such as:

  • Hang around people who celebrate you not tolerate you
  • Helping another means helping yourself
  • The Earth is a Living Organism that is so much more powerful than us
  • Your past does not matter and you are not your problems
  • There is power in pain
  • Silence and Stillness is a friend

What If I don’t want to travel? You don’t have to be a traveller to gain inspiration from this ebook. I wrote the ebook to share what I had learned in order to help others do the same. You can learn them just by reading the book. Besides, I talk about how travel is not necessarily jumping on a plane to fly aroudn the world, it is a process of discovery. The ebook is totally free and a bonus for signing on to the newsletter. The opinions expressed in it are of my own, and if you don’t like it you can just shut your browser down and enjoy my newsletter instead. I’m sure there will be lots in there you can think about though!

Bonus Free Ebook:

Your Essential Compass: 5 Guiding Principles to Success

As a way to say thank you for becoming a subscriber, I have decided to give you a second 26 page ebook for free.

free ebook on successYour Essential Compass is the blueprint for any person looking to achieve their dreams or rise to the top in their field. These are 5 principles that all successful people follow daily. Once you read them, you’ll see how easy it is to get that success you are looking for.


The 5  principles covered are:

  1. Know where you are going
  2. Income producing Activities
  3. Be a student of personal development
  4. Mastermind with leaders
  5. Cultivate the expectation of leadership


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