The Day Kalyra skated with Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice is coming to town and no one is more excited than little Kalyra. She is Disney princess mad and is ready to go and see them next month in Newcastle.

Little did she know that she would soon be skating with Simba and Nala two of the stars of  the Lion King performance of Disney on Ice.

Lion King

Simba and Nala

Brian Duckworth and Melanie Carrington, are a married skating couple and tour the world with the Disney on Ice production. We were fortunate to catch up with them on Tuesday to learn more about Disney on Ice, to have  a skating lesson and see some of their tricks.

It wasn’t until I actually tried ice skating myself that I grew a deep appreciation for what professional skaters can do on the ice. While I struggle to hold my wobbling legs upright, they glide around leaping into the air, doing twists and turns and being raised up, all the while making it look like as easy as walking.

Disney on Ice

Melanie and Brian make it look easy

Disney on Ice goes that one step further by adding in spectacular costumes, and blinding light effects. “Sometimes I can get disorientated coming out of a spin, and the lights can blind me, but I know the routine so well, that I can gracefully move into the next position. it’s like I am skating blind.” Melanie explained as we watched her come out of one of those spins.

Disney on Ice stars

Spinning around

Melanie plays Nala, alongside her husband Brain as Simba in the Lion King section of the Worlds of Fantasy Show. After a quick costume and make up change she later becomes Rosetta in the Tinkerbell section of the performace.



Tinkerbell is currently Kalyra’s pick of the month and she was delighted to receive a tinkerbell wand and hat from the two stars.

Her excitement continued as she bravely took to the ice for her first ever skating lesson. Not a bad way to start skating than with two Disney professional skaters.

Kalyra in Disney on Ice

Kalyra skating with Nala and Rosetta

I was delighted watching her as she wobbled and gripped tightly to the two as she attempted to carve up the ice. By the end of her lesson could almost manage to stand up and Brian helped bring her Princess fantasy to life by giving her a big princess spin.

Disney on Ice

A princess swing from Simba

Disney on Ice is currently on break from their extended world wide tour, and are due to kick off their Australian leg next month in June in Newcastle and ending in Adelaide in July. The show presents four Disney Classics, The Lion King, Tinkerbell, Cars and The Little Mermaid with dazzling skating, special effects and beloved characters certain to create a lifetime of memories.

Disney on ice

Disney on Ice

As Brian and Melanie finished off our visit with a display of some of those tricks on the ice, Kalyra hung off the edge of the skating rink, with shotus of “Wow! Look at that!”

Disney on Ice


Only minutes before she had become a little tired and edgy, ready to go home, now she was transfixed.

I’m excited for when she is sitting in the audience waving her wand as Simba and Nala skate by in their dramtic constumes and she can say, “I skated with them!”

Really makes this blogging life worth it.

Disney on Ice Facts

Where and when:

Newcastle – Newcastle Entertainment Centre 24 – 26 June (Fri – Sun)

Brisbane – Brisbane Entertainment Centre 30 – June – 3 July (Thurs – Sun)

Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 6 – 11 July (Wed – Mon)

Sydney – Acer Arena, Sydney Olympic Park 13 – 18 July (Wed –Mon)

Adelaide – Adelaide Entertainment Centre 21 – 24 July (Thurs – Sun)

How Much: Priced for families, tickets start from: $28.50 for B reserve to $66.50 for front row seats (Group andconcession prices also available for nominated shows).

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  • Michelle

    Wow what an awesome experience for Kalyra! Looked like she was having a ball and there is something magical about watching ice skaters. I can’t wait to go to the show myself next month in Newcastle doesn’t matter how old you get there is always something magic about Disney and to have it mixed with ice Skating is perfect!


    • Caz

      I’m excited about the show too now. I didn’t really give it much thought before, but since meeting them it sounds like it will be spectacular. Kalyra is all that more excited too.


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