Get Organized with Video Tips from IKEA

I speak a lot on this blog and my podcast about decluttering and getting organized.

I am not great at all at organizing my space, usually because my space is small and I don’t know how to store everything so I end up with a cluttered mess.

Help is at hand! There are many great storage ideas to help you get organized and IKEA is a place where many people love to go to do this.

IKEA is a much loved brand, in fact, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone speak about it without the fervour that is present when anyone who owns a Mac talks about APPLE. They seem to be on par with each other in terms of quality and sleek design.

IKEA have released 4 videos that focus on organizing 4 core rooms in your home: Adult Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom, Combined Bathroom/Laundry, and Workspace.

getting organized with ikea

Getting organized with IKEA

Each of the rooms face a storage dilemma and IKEA are sending in their experts to showcase how the range of IKEA products can be used to reorganise and de-clutter the home.

I really want these experts to come visit my house.

For now, I will just learn from the videos and head to my nearest IKEA store.

Rediscover your children’s bedroom floor

I loved the brightly coloured storage containers and sorting baskets. They showed great use of space and gave me permission to shove things under the bed with a storage container!

Yay! Click to Ikea’s tips in the video for organizing tips for your children’s bedroom.

Less Stress and More Sleep in the Adult’s Bedroom

Don’t we all need more of this! I think a clutter free bedroom is essential for getting a good night’s sleep.

I think this is the best video of all. Their bedroom was so badly decluttered and now with some simple storage tricks it is fresh, clear and well organized.

I loved the bedside table shelves, the shoe basket and the toiletry bag. I want to visit IKEA now to reorganize my bedroom like this after watching this video

Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

Laundries can get out of control pretty quickly and it’s really not an inspiring place to organize.

There are lots of nifty ideas  in this video for organizing the laundry clutter helping you to be more efficient and clean!

Work on Paper, not Under it

This is an area I need help with. I am always drowning in books and paperwork. I wish IKEA could make it disappear, but for now I’ll just follow their handy hints in this video for organizing my work space.

Love the magnetic boards and newspaper racks. Great way of storing them on the wall.

Which of the videos did you find most inspiring and helpful?

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