10 Things I love: Beating Procrastination, Toyota and Press Trips

So so much to love

Savannah's Beautiful Eyes

Look at those eyes!

Meditative Awareness

I am meditating every day now and feel such a sense of connected calm after I finish, as if my life is at peace and operating perfectly. I no longer feel angst or fear. I know that everything is well and I can create anything I want.

I started my Magical Monday Meme because I understand the power of awareness, of celebration and of gratitude to make the Mojo rock in your world

Book: Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani

Everyone needs to read this book. It was the inspiration for my post on “What if heaven was on Earth?”

It has changed my life, my thought patterns, what I believe about myself and about the sacredness of life. It’s a life changing book.

Life is precious, sacred, beautiful and thrilling.

Empowering Quote

Just remember… people are like sticks of dynamite; the power’s on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit.” Mac Anderson

Toyota Camry and the Hunter Valley

How could you not love an area that is full of some of the best vineyards in Australia?

How could you not love Toyota? Seriously I do. They are my favourite brand of car. I dream of one day owning a Toyota Landcruiser and our whole family miss our Toyota Sienna van we owned in the States.

Imagine then how excited I am about an upcoming trip in March. We will be road testing a new Toyota Camry in the Hunter Valley for the weekend. And yes, after bearing two children, Craig will be the designated driver.

Australian Open of Surfing Festival, Sydney

I will be attending a press trip in Sydney for this upcoming week. The Australian Open of Surfing will be on, which I have media passes for. Our blogging party of four will spend two days there.

I am excited to discover more of Sydney and do the following activities which I have not yet  done: a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, kayaking in the Harbour, tour of the Opera House, sunset seafood Harbour Cruise, Bondi Beach Surf lessson and lots of eating and drinking.

Many thanks to Destination NSW for making it possible.

Song of the Week: Peaches and Cream- John Butler Trio

I think this is one of the best songs I’ve heard written for someone’s child. John wrote this after the birth of his first daughter. I can’t not listen to it and feel an overwhelming sense of love and joy at being a Mum. It truly is an amazing honour.

Being a Single Parent

I actually do miss Craig now he is over in Perth having a wonderful time for a week, but I am also loving how incredibly organized and productive I am being a single parent.

I am forced to be, so I am running the house like clockwork. Today we went to swimming lessons and I caught up with my best friend while our kids played in the park,  then we cleaned the toy room and de-cluttered Savannah’s clothes. Tonight I even had both girls in bed asleep by 7pm.

That means I have so much evening time to get work done. This needs to become a ritual.

Beating Procrastination and Starting my Podcast Conversations

I have been wanting to start my podcast interviews for both blogs for many months, but had been putting it off.  The truth was that I was scared and so the fear paralyzed me.

I kept looking for excuses.

I’m not really a phone person, so to pick up the phone and interview someone is quite a daunting thought.

This is the year of hustle for me, so I refused to make excuses any longer. I contacted my friend Norbert from Globotreks who I asked to interview months ago to say I was finally ready.

He said great let’s do it within the next couple of days. It was so amazing and I am so inspired by my conversations with him, the amazing Jo Gifford, who I have already chatted with, and Sarah who will be coming up this week.

I am loving it and now can’t wait to do more.

Blogs I am Reading

The Day Perfect Mum Lost it by Mrs Woogs at Hoopla

I love this post. None of us should ever strive for perfection because it is not a reality. Embrace your imperfections and mistakes as that is how we learn and what makes us human. Strive for instead to live each moment to the fullest, good and bad.

Things to do in Melbourne by Steve aka Melburnian

We have a series on our travel blog, whereby locals share with our readers things to do and see in their hometown. This is a great local’s guide on Melbourne. So many great tips!


What are you loving?

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